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10/27 c54 smartgirl35
woooooow! so nice! i suppose this is the ending? ;(
ima cry out of happinesssss! what a ending! awesome job
10/25 c1 BUBBLES
Good start. I liked it.
10/25 c53 smartgirl35
finally! Now it seems hell of a romantic story! all this time it was like an adventure or drama type! now, finally! ;) good job!
10/21 c52 smartgirl35
only 2 chapters left... :(
tbh m sad... this is ending so quickly! BUT i am happy too! Such a great plot and all! Must say!
10/18 c51 smartgirl35
this chap was AMAZING! WOW! thank you so much!
P.S. lol i might be wrong but in literature now we r reading a story called 'Animal Farm' so in there, there's a character called 'Benjamin' and he's the donkey... so whenever i read 'Benjamin' i get reminded of the donkey and instead of a person idk y i imagine him XDDD.. no complain tho-
surely its pretty funny
10/13 c50 Guest
These last two chapters have had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath! Oh, I hope so much that they get away!
10/13 c50 smartgirl35
FINALLY! FREEDOM AT LAST! *sigh of relief*
10/10 c49 smartgirl35
so interesting! but toooooooo small for my liking! left us all in a cliffhanger ;(
10/6 c48 Guest
Wow, so much at stake! Glad she got to see her siblings, but sad that Archibald is angry. Hoping for an amazing rescue!
10/6 c48 smartgirl35
10/3 c47 smartgirl35
great one!
10/1 c1 102Cynthia Brent
Wow, this is an amazing first chapter! It kind of reminds me of a very old Star Trek episode called "The Cloud Minders." Yet so much is original and exciting about the characters and their world!
9/29 c46 yaraaaa
Awwww the kiss at the end really made my heart flutter. I just hope that things work out. The previous chapter really shocked me. I completely forgot about Harrison’s mother until that very moment.
9/29 c46 smartgirl35
Aaaaaaaaaaa, finally!
9/26 c45 smartgirl35
omfg, that really got me XD! so tensingggggggggggg
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