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7/18/2021 c12 18Moonvibe
Now that was a very steamy prelude to a counseling session. I don't think either of them will be able to convincingly complain their sex lives. ;)

I loved all the nervous, awkward chatter from Holly. She's a mouthful when stalling. Lol. And it seems as though this practice run has triggered some possessiveness in Sanders. I understand his prior reasons to remaining unattached, but I believe his lifestyle just hit a female snag. ;)

Great chapter! Very erotic and soooooo steamy!
7/12/2021 c11 Moonvibe
This was such a fun chapter!

The growing desire between Holly and Sanders is developing very naturally as they find themselves interacting more and more. Whether it be scheming on how to navigate the next part of therapy or simply tending to every day needs like breakfast, they are bonding. And the close proximity of sharing living quarters is taking care of the rest. ;)

Sanders seems to be on top of his game right now, expertly navigating the couple's sessions while remaining focused on the search. And poor Holly is doing her best to not get eaten alive by the disgruntled wife's union. Lol. The vegan cafe was adding insult to injury. Lol.

I can't wait to see how their practice run of bumping uglies turns out. ;) Their private counselling session should be a hoot!

Another great chapter! Engaging and fun banter as always. I really enjoyed it. :)
6/23/2021 c10 Moonvibe
The entry into Fey was a fantastic reminder of cross realm travel, with the sonic boom and colorful display of the portal's breach. And the sunlit view of the ever impressive Elder Tree from a vantage point in the sky was wonderfully rendered as well. It's always fun getting a comparative glimpse of Fey.

The solar panels were a nice touch too. That was a great reminder of the modern conveniences lacking in Fey, which holds its own old-world charm without such things.

There was a lot of focus on Elise, Eytan, and Jacob in this chapter. It was fun getting involved with them a little more. I tend to hold Eytan's distrust of Jacob too. ;)

I'm glad the council seemed willing, for the most part, to accommodate the group's plan for a Bollywood event in order to help Ky. I'm sure there will be a lot of sore feet before it's all said and done. Lol.

Another great chapter!
6/5/2021 c9 Moonvibe
This wedding is turning out to be a stressful occasion indeed! Lol. The logistics alone are a head-spinning challenge, and now a Bollywood dance to unite two ill-fated lovers? Sounds like a good plan. And thankfully this Eternal family has enough members to pull it off.

Great chapter! It was fun catching up with things back at the manor. The wedding prep was a great reminder of this story's other daunting challenge. Lol.
5/23/2021 c8 Moonvibe
Another great chapter!

The couples therapy agenda sounds like torture for sure. No doubt this will be Sander's toughest assignment ever, but sharing that bathroom with a group of strangers could be tougher. Lol. Talk about a brutal retreat!

And at last, the exploration of the Medici and search for the Aegis has begun. I think Sander's hunch about ole Wagstaff might be a good one. Never trust someone with a squeaky clean background. ;) At any rate, it's gonna be exciting searching for clues in the Medici.

Holly's endless nicknames for Sanders is a lot of fun too. I wonder which one will stir his inner wolf's sense of Mate-hood the most? It's gonna be hard for him to focus until he gets a grip on these foreign impulses clawing at the surface. ;)

And Princess Dray was hilarious! Lol. As was Alaric's struggling attempt at bathing Tilly. Now, what news could Wade be harboring? A fun chapter with a great cliffy of an ending. Well done!
5/2/2021 c7 Moonvibe
So the couples therapy retreat is all set. Looks like Sanders and Holly have quite the motley crew to mingle with and navigate through while at the resort. I can only imagine some of the pending encounters awaiting them from such a diverse lot. Lol.

The Medici Palazzo seems like a great setting for what's to come. There could all manner of clues to the whereabouts of the Aegis hidden within its ancient and secret walls. Not too mention a baddie or two. ;) Italy is a fantastic place for this leg of the tale, and I really enjoyed how you rendered it through Sander's enhanced sense of smell upon his initial assessment.

Now I just wonder if any of the good doctors or even another couple are there as agents of the Guild. It's very exciting going forward with so many new faces to sift through and a captivating old fortress to explore. Who to trust and who not to? What unexpected surprises and dangers lurk about? I can hardly wait for more! Great chapter!
4/4/2021 c6 Moonvibe
What a fun chapter!

Holly and Sanders are beginning to get along famously. Their budding chemistry seems natural and genuine, stemming from personal tastes more alike than anyone has probably noticed up until now. Close quarters and a joint mission can help a pair get acquainted in a real hurry. ;)

The insight into how the kids participate in public school with the help of an assigned Lycan duo was interesting too. No doubt those two are the most alert of the entire Lycan ranks thanks to their duties. Lol.

And I totally relate to Holly's fashion sense. I'd be a total fish out of water in her situation too. My wardrobe would prob be a lot like Alex's. ;) Lol

Another great chapter in a very entertaining tale! I can't wait to see what kind of misadventures await Tilly in Fey. ;)
11/6/2020 c5 Moonvibe
Ah, the torment of forbidden fruit. Poor Ky. And poor Branwen. The torture of their hindered romance is realized all too well in this chapter. This insightful glimpse into their mutual pining was very heart rending. For Ky, to be such a fearless warrior yet unable to claim his heart's desire would certainly send a man into an unfocused stupor when his mate is near, yet so far away due to circumstances. At least maybe now that his secret is out his brothers will cut him some slack. And I pity Branwen when her father returns to the report of the vendor's nosy wife. May karma visit her tenfold. ;)

With the hellhounds emboldened and running rampant throughout the land, and demons on the hunt as well, Fey has suddenly become a much more dangerous realm. It was very interesting to learn of the treacherous depths the hell hounds crossed. They are def on a mission. Perhaps Jacob could get caught in a stampede of the formidable beasties. ;) Love the idea of his enchanted coin btw. I wonder if anyone will be eavesdropping on his call to Morganna?

Great chapter! The plot thickens with the unrest developing in Fey, and Ky's struggle was revealed in heart aching fashion. Nicely done.
10/4/2020 c4 Moonvibe
What a great chapter!

I can totally relate to Holly's urgent need for morning coffee. Lol. I just love the humorous aspects of your wonderful storytelling. They are relatable and entertaining.

And I also love how you weave real world history into the fabric of these tales. The backstory on the Aegis was captivating and brilliantly interwoven with da Vinci and historical references. These layers add so much depth and intrigue to an already gripping tale. It conjures all the wonder and curiosity these events and periods offer, while adding to the interest of relative events within the unfolding plot. You always know how to blend fact and fiction so well in serving your story.

And so the stage is now set for the couples retreat. A perfect cover for the continued search for the Aegis. And with Holly and Gary being such willing participants, it's bound to be a hoot! ;)

I enjoyed every line and can't wait for more! I got a feeling the fun is just starting.
9/8/2020 c1 slcjnk2008
I'm so excited to start reading this book. I can already feel Gary's discontent. This is going to be so much fun to read, at least until the danger begins. I also can't believe how much time has passed for them until I remember they're long-lived or immortal and I've missed them all inbetween books.
8/30/2020 c3 Moonvibe
Awesome chapter!

Not only was this a thrilling encounter with a Shade, it was also a very revealing one. It seems things have gotten considerably worse for the Alliance with the information concerning Mammon and his crew of trouble makers. These Shade demons are formidable opponents, so I can only imagine how challenging a higher ranking foe from the Underworld will be. Hopefully the insight learned here about how the demons intertwine with their host will serve as an advantage for the Alliance in the future. In any case, at least they foiled the demon's kidnapping plans, for now.

I also enjoyed the mention of Elise and that brief recap of history between her and Callum. It was a nice teaser of things to come. ;)

Great writing as always! The scenes of a possessed Dunham were particularly creepy and unhinging. Alex's use of power along with Alaric's frosty talents was exceptionally cool too. ;)
8/16/2020 c2 Moonvibe
Hens night certainly turned out to be a spirited affair. Looks like Brin is the funnest of the group when tanked. Lol. It was memorable for Holly too, though for all the wrong reasons. She went from feeling like an old maid to single again in one quick trip to the bar. She def doesn't have the best luck with the fellas for sure. And that was the best use of the forgettable amulet to date! Lol.

It's always interesting to delve deeper beneath the layers of the wonderfully crafted supernatural mythology you're weaving together, and learning more of the Wyvern species was a real treat in this chapter. Their origins and purpose, along with the demon-killing fire of their dragon form, was fascinating.

This was a very entertaining chapter. Fun, colorful, witty, and a total blast! You found some clever and fun ways to keep the supernatural elements present. I can only surmise that the urgency of the phone call from Alaric will ramp up the plot in the most exciting of ways. Looking forward to more!
8/2/2020 c1 Moonvibe
Finally, a Gary Sanders feature!

This opening chapter was fantastic! The details of his patrol through Savernake were just incredible. The writing of the surrounding forest was both visually and creatively enthralling. It was really cool to experience wolf patrol too.

And what a pissy mood ole Sanders is in. Lol. There's definitely something eating at the Lycan commander, but it hasn't dampened his wit or way with the ladies. Boredom and frustration with life can certainly be cured by the 'right' female. ;)

This is a great start to what promises to be another fun and exciting venture into your Eternity Series and I couldn't be more stoked about a tale featuring a testy, wry Lycan commander. Sanders has been one of my favorite characters since his introduction.

Really impressive writing as always!

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