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5/7/2021 c1 4CalvinHobbesGatsby
Hey, I wanted to tell you that I am finally working on the next chapter of my Russian spy story, but I can't PM you anymore. Are you still interested in betaing my story?
4/6/2021 c2 mooncratercat
Yeah, maybe you shouldn't use offensive language...
9/17/2020 c4 2SnowBear17
I really liked this one! I love how you took the saying, “forgive and forget”, and told your opinion on it. I totally agree, forgetting is practically impossible for me. The last two lines were perfectly written, in my opinion. I’d say to work on word choice, like replacing the word “unto” with “on to”, maybe. But an awesome job, overall!
9/11/2020 c8 18Sir Scott
Love and being in love is tough. Good job.
~Sir Scott

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