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6/28 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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1/2 c16 anna Marry
halo author, i love your novel, my name is Anna, i am an editor from fast growing platform, i would love to offer you something related to your work, may i know how to reach you professionally?
4/6/2021 c2 AvegaLil
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4/4/2021 c1 AvegaLil
I would vote for it as it is such a beautiful novel that tackles so many real-life issues. I loved it to pieces and wish everyone would read it just once in their lives If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
3/29/2021 c1 1Bambi'sMother
Hey, I've tried to send you pm, but for some reason I can't. Could you sent me one?
3/28/2021 c16 18Sir Scott
It seemed longer than a hundred words, which can be a good thing.
~Sir Scott
3/28/2021 c1 annasthesia
Great story! You can broaden your audience by publishing your story on NovelStar Mobile App.
3/10/2021 c15 Sir Scott
I like James. I always try not to watch a fight. I figure they are fighting over a girl, the oldest motivation in the book.
~Sir Scott
3/2/2021 c14 5night9shade
Color me intrigued! I look forward to updates!
3/2/2021 c12 night9shade
Lol motorcyclophobia. That made me laugh! XD
3/1/2021 c14 18Sir Scott
How embarrassing he got busted. lol
~Sir Scott
2/28/2021 c4 5night9shade
Lol I love the convincing at the end XD
2/6/2021 c13 18Sir Scott
I think she is starting to develop feelings for Hunter.
~Sir Scott
1/29/2021 c12 7feminista
I think you've got a good start here but I struggled a bit to connect to the story. Sofia seems immature at times and at others she's keenly aware of her own flaws and over explains to the reader what's going on in her head. I'd recommend trusting your reader more and avoid over explaining. I also struggle to understand why Hunter goes from being this scary, aloof figure with a mysterious past to suddenly telling her his whole life's story and saving her. He's got a lot of baggage and some of it is pretty heavy stuff. She's an immature, shallow teenage girl. She's done nothing to prove she'll keep his secrets or that she's otherwise a trustworthy confidant. I get it that he might be desperate for a friend but maybe build that into the story to explain?
1/22/2021 c12 18Sir Scott
It was enjoyable. I hope she doesn't hate Hunter afterwards.
~Sir Scott
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