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9/1/2020 c2 19Renulen
Another great chapter here. You have a nice pace going here, introducing characters and elements at a slow pace, but being surecto bring in what is needed to keep the reader's interest.
8/30/2020 c1 5HarleyNoir
Links to copy and paste into your web browser:
Sofia Francis - . /89mJstTDpP38vYk37
Olivia Castillo - . /C9yEHKaGXba3Ph3U9
Hannah Lee - . /jspPG2ZHgXQBnvBb8
Liam Francis - . /1BNrWWvwLnYw5PyF8
Hunter Haynes - . /WQEJofzATPfPDEmT9 (ignore tattoos)
8/30/2020 c1 13J.Kuzzey
Good start. You had a few grammar mistakes (wrong "your" and wrong "their," for example) and remember dialogue tags use either exclamation points, question marks, interrobang, or comma (!, ?, ?!, ,) and never a period. This is because "I say." is not a complete sentence.

Aside from those little things (everyone does dialogue tags wrong on this website), this is solid. I think the narration is authentic and easy to read. It really has a distinctive voice while still giving the right amount of detail, which can be hard to do with first person POV. I don't usually like having character introductions and friendship history being dumped in the first chapter but it works well here, as I feel like the narrator would've explained just as you did here. Curious to see where you take this.
8/30/2020 c1 19Renulen
A nice introduction here, has me hooked
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