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9/23 c2 15Charmpanda
Haha! Thou story hast finally been read! All right, sorry i took such a while to read this Cheesecake. Wednesday’s been a good day for me to get some good ole me time, which is just so scarce nowadays. Awesome job. Kirron is cranky as ever and we just (love) to see it. It sounds like someone stole his watch which ... just ... O.o ... i feel bad for whoever was dumb enough to do that. Like, my god!
I so did not expect for Kirron to get shot. Like dang, there’s been so much action in these two chapters alone and it’s got my heart pounding. The scenes are really nice, quick, and scary. You’re doing great. I’m really concerned for Emily’s safety. It seems the girl is in some real trouble if people are willing to straight up shoot her at a laundry mat, but it sounds like she’s got a bit of a plan. Oh yeah, I really like the little roommate setup between Brooklyn and the Evans sisters. It’s so nice and casual and homey. There’s a lot to come, I can tell, and i eagerly await to see how this story unfolds. Wonderful work, and keep it up! :)
9/6 c1 Charmpanda
Hey hey hey! This started way more exciting than I thought it would be. I’m already liking the set up, but what can I say? I’m a lover of crime. Perhaps that’s a bad thing but, oh well. I’m totally burnt out on our characters as far as my own ideas go, but that sure doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy yours. Like, god, way to go. My interest is snagged. And has your writing style improved? Every description came out so very crisp and clean, or perhaps I’m just relieved to be reading your work? No, you’ve definitely improved, as I felt the same way about your Suga story. That’s pretty fantastic! Way to go girl! I keep forgetting lily’s the younger sister rather than the older. I legit thought she was gonna die right there. Thank god it was only a threat cause that scene got my heart (racing)!
Killing single mothers and taking their children is a literal sin. I’m excited to hunt down these scrubs alongside Emily.
“The police half assed it like usual.” Love you Brooklyn. This is like the truest statement , speaking no lies over here. Brooklyn’s so fun. It’s good to see her again. :)
‘Ummmm, could you remind me?” Emily is so dog on cute! I just wanna squeeze her. And Kirron has arrived! This is honestly going by so fast. It’s got me pumped. Great job, I’m looking forward to that next chapter. You’re really making me wanna right with the OG OCs. As if I don’t have enough projects already. :)
Oh, and typing is way easier with my new keyboard, so you can expect me to ramble even more than usual. Awesome job Love! Keep up the good work.

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