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9/18 c1 15Charmpanda
Boy did this chapter breeze by. I’m glad I was able to finally read it. Girl, you know how much I freakin LOVE vampire AUs! And this one seems particularly exquisite! Poor Lily, this Baulieu guy’s a douche, but i love how lily’s taking him in stride. Seriously, breaking that big expensive vase is pretty badass. I’d do the same thing for Izlee, endure a cantankerous husband with a hair pull kink that is. :) Especially if it meant the whole family got to be comfortable. What time frame are we lookin at by the way? Like, is this modern, Victorian , futuristic? Sorry, I didn’t catch. Awww, the riding was so good! I wanna write real bad too!
We did love that end seen though. It seems little Valerian has a little difficulty controlling his hunger. Or, that’s my guess. Either way, I’m curious and am already dead enjoying this story! I hope you can push the next update out quick! Thanks for indulging my mystery and vampire obsession! Good job Cheesecake. :)

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