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for I'm a Harem Director!

10/4 c1 17cud-b-better
Well I was a bit confused by the title, thinking for a moment that the main character was directing a harem anime or something, but it sounds like she is closer to something like a counselor/advisor to achieve a harem. Whilst I can tell you are trying to show how vulgar a woman she is, I feel you go a bit too far with all the repetitive swearing, you may want to shake it up a little so it at least doesn't go stale. Truth be told I had a little trouble following some of it, my best advise when writing is to try and maximise the content whilst minimising the word count.

Just a few minor amendments/suggestions:

A kind voice [gotten] the young woman's - [got]

"Who the fuck are you?" [Candy spoke to her first words to Misaka] - [were Candy's first words to Misaka]

but you yourself [is] really cute - [are]

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