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for The House Party

11/29 c12 Guest
Jaw drop
11/28 c12 Guest
You are so talented at weaving these stories. Thank you so much for the update. I was so stressed out and depressed these days but reading this new chapter made me feel happy again :')
11/28 c12 Guest
Once again, brilliant chapter! I love this story so much! This is literally the only thing that makes me happy :')
11/27 c12 7Anaida
Hey! Thanks for the update. Things are getting intense! I love it. Can't wait for more!
11/12 c11 Guest
Pls update :(
10/31 c11 Guest
I don’t even know what to feel anymore. What an ass.
Sorry about your illness. Hope you feel better now.
10/21 c11 Guest
Omg, I hope you're all better now. Thank you so much for the chapter, I just started uni and I've been feeling so stressed but this story really helped
10/5 c11 Guest
Whoa, I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you feel better now! And I hope you will continue to recover until you feel 100% better! :)
Thank you so much for updating! I cannot describe how much I love this story... I hope you will be able to update the next chapter soon as well [for my sake, that is ;)]
10/5 c11 Anaida
Thank you for the update! Saw your note. I hope you are fine and don't have anything lasting from COVID. I got it twice and God knows things haven't been the same ever since. Take care and hope you and yours remain safe 3
10/2 c10 Guest
I hope you update soon. Can't wait to read more!
9/15 c10 Guest
Why? Where have u been dude
9/6 c1 Anaida
Updateee please? Pretty please with cherry on top? :(
9/4 c10 Guest
8/23 c10 Guest
Yay no updates
8/22 c10 Guest
My guy
Why are you doing this to us
Can’t take the w8 no mo
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