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for The House Party

10/21/2021 c11 Guest
Omg, I hope you're all better now. Thank you so much for the chapter, I just started uni and I've been feeling so stressed but this story really helped
10/5/2021 c11 Guest
Whoa, I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you feel better now! And I hope you will continue to recover until you feel 100% better! :)
Thank you so much for updating! I cannot describe how much I love this story... I hope you will be able to update the next chapter soon as well [for my sake, that is ;)]
10/5/2021 c11 7Anaida
Thank you for the update! Saw your note. I hope you are fine and don't have anything lasting from COVID. I got it twice and God knows things haven't been the same ever since. Take care and hope you and yours remain safe 3
10/2/2021 c10 Guest
I hope you update soon. Can't wait to read more!
9/15/2021 c10 Guest
Why? Where have u been dude
9/6/2021 c1 Anaida
Updateee please? Pretty please with cherry on top? :(
9/4/2021 c10 Guest
8/23/2021 c10 Guest
Yay no updates
8/22/2021 c10 Guest
My guy
Why are you doing this to us
Can’t take the w8 no mo
8/20/2021 c1 Guest
Duuuude update pls
8/16/2021 c10 yaraaaa
I reread the entire story as of far and I have come up with the conclusion that the man writing to Rose is Baron Luthworth. Why? Well, i don’t know if it’s been intentional or not but I feel like you have been giving a couple of hints. One of them being that he was at the library when Rose was and was found writing a letter ( i know that there may be other who were writing letters but he is a bit suspious) and he was the one to find Rose when she went into the woods even tho Annalise was the one following her and lost sight of her. Also, I love the way you are slowly writing Annalise and Monty’s relationship. It’s very interesting and I can’t wait for more.
8/13/2021 c1 Guest
I love your writing. You are so imaginative and you create such intriguing plotlines consider me a fan!
8/10/2021 c10 Guest
Already in love with the story! Can't wait for more
8/9/2021 c1 Dadi Di
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8/7/2021 c10 Guest
Wellll that was short but I loved it anyway
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