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for The Tale of Shale

10/26 c17 19Sir Scott
I guess anything can happen when people do the unexpected.
~Sir Scott
10/9 c16 Sir Scott
So far Shale appears to be pretty clever.
~Sir Scott
4/19 c15 Sir Scott
I hope Shale makes it through the Spooky Mansion and going on all fours was a clever trick.
~Sir Scott
2/27 c14 Sir Scott
I hope Shale makes it. It seems that beef jerky is a favorite among Humanimal children.
~Sir Scott
2/26 c14 aviick
Even though short, this chapter seemed familiar to me in that the mention of breakfast just informs us that the journey is to start soon. I hope that food will continue to make an appearance throughout the next few chapters in whatever ways you can work it in. Helps to connect or ground the reader to a story that might otherwise be grande or not as down to earth. Good chapter nonetheless...
2/26 c13 aviick
My thought exactly... A short chapter to prepare us for the tales coming. There seemed to be a lot of energy behind this chapter and it reads well! I look forward to the upcoming dun dun dun...
2/26 c12 aviick
Interesting addition to the story and a good introduction of Lord Damon's magic given the scenario. I especially appreciate the emphasis placed on how he did it not with purpose but with the power of his emotions; brings the reader to a point where the character becomes even more relatable on some levels. It also demonstrates a diversity in the character placements of the story and how you feed various lines/points of interest as you go. Shows some planning!
2/20 c13 Sir Scott
I'm looking forward to Shale's Halloween adventure and I 'm curious has how the others handle the demon.
~Sir Scott
2/11 c12 Sir Scott
That's pretty cool. I figured Lord Damon was a faker.
~Sir Scott
2/5 c11 Sir Scott
Nice chapter. I can understand Alabaster's desire wanting to go with his daughter to the haunted house.
~Sir Scott
2/5 c11 aviick
Even though a short chapter, it directs the reader back to a more active mindset, as you did accomplish what you set out to do. It informs us of some of the thinking/motivation, while setting a stage for events. Pretty solid chapter!
1/31 c10 aviick
This chapter has a different feel to it. There are more details and it has a more singular direction. I wonder if the audience had an effect on the outcome or, as you mentioned, having quieter space. I like the special attention given and how you can use a personal experience as a reference source.
1/28 c10 Sir Scott
Interesting theory about Noah's Ark. I wish Shale luck while going through the Haunted Mansion.
~Sir Scott
1/11 c9 aviick
Intriguing chapter, as Nerites voice is finally heard and lays out a bit of a sinister plot twist. Of course, the reader hopes the best for Shale who has entered her next stage of life and likely grows to meet the upcoming challenge. Good way to tell a story!
1/11 c8 aviick
Introducing new elements to the story as you often do. Sort of a quick show and tell and reference to something that your reader will either find familiar or completely new. You have a great ability to reference content, which is in it's self a fun part of reading your chapters.
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