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12/19/2021 c17 21234booklover
I like the positive spin on this! With battles survived and won vs battles faced!
11/8/2021 c16 1234booklover
This is so beautiful & relatable at the same time!
You've captured the very feeling of what the word "queer" is to me.

I find it a little startling that while I don't mind the word queer and use to often too, I *do* flinch when the word PoC is brought up, even though both have been used as slurs against me in the past but are now reclaimed by the respective communities.
Idk why haha, just found it a little odd :)
10/18/2021 c1 MagicalPhoenix12
"I am a phoenix, I will live again"- precisely the reason I named myself MagicalPhoenix12.
You perhaps summed up my feelings better than I myself could.
6/8/2021 c14 1234booklover
Oh my gosh, amazing poem!
4/12/2021 c13 1234booklover
Oh. Ohh. I'm so sorry, that's horrible! Feel free to PM if you ever want to rant.
4/2/2021 c12 1234booklover
Oh my gods. This poem pretty much broke me and shattered me. I'm ashamed to say that I'm not very well versed in OCD, so I'm a bit confused about the suicidal thoughts. What's OCD exactly?
I'm so sorry if I'm border-lining on rude! It's completely unintentional!

I'm not trying to be condescending or anything, but it must be horrible to hear people light-heartedly joking about OCD. And I think I should end this review before I unintentionally offend you. (sorry!)
3/2/2021 c11 1234booklover
Lovely poem. And I totally agree with your A/N! Why does a person's happiness and life have to be tied to another? I personally feel that 'soulmates' are just people who you're really close with, people who get you.
2/26/2021 c10 1234booklover
Why do I feel that this could be a really great song! Wonderful poem and I hope that whatever you're currently going through improves with time.
2/17/2021 c9 Guest
2/8/2021 c8 1234booklover
Wow. This is amazing! I love the connections that are made.
1/13/2021 c7 1234booklover
This poem was beautiful. I love the way you can connect through your writing with people. According to me, home is any place where people love, care and accept you, just the way you are. They can understand and relate with you. I think you portrayed message perfectly through the poem!
1/5/2021 c6 1234booklover
I like the way you've still managed to write in your poetic language, still while including the words!
1/1/2021 c5 1234booklover
One emotion I felt when I read this poem, heartbreak! Shocking realisation, that I may never fall in love, like you do!
Nope, the girl isn't me in the poem, hope you find her soon! (Maybe you could just ask her to send you a pic of her?)
12/24/2020 c4 1234booklover
I love this poem! It's so true. And just yesterday I was reading about the origins of this same quote,
So, this poem which you wrote inspired you to change your username?
12/22/2020 c3 1234booklover
Hm... I like the way you've written the chorus (I'm one half...) the last verse
I feel that this poem/song connects in Queen of Air and Darkness (-Cassandra Clare) to a certain character (don't want to give spoilers in case you haven't read it :))
This is one of those rare works that don't connect with /me/ but I feel connect to the other characters the way I see them... Sorry if I'm not making much sense lol.
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