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for The 6 gifts - Book 5 - Thought

1/20 c13 16Encore19
Wow what a dramatic little twist. This was really cool. I mean, I'm missing Padraig but we'll see what's going to happen with all that business. The final power to be covered is telekinesis, but with no other friend character it's a mystery to me who the next book's POV will be from. Maybe... Luke? Or maybe an immortal? Maybe someone completely new or unexpected. So far I reckon Book 2 has been my favourite but I'm definitely enjoying all of them.
1/20 c12 Encore19
This is a really good point of the story again. I love this twist and its implications. Like Jessica has basically become the 2nd strongest being on the planet for the moment, even if she's very new. Oh wow, I bet this also explains how she was able to communicate with the royals across the planet. Though I suppose, I didn't know even Luke could do that but as we've seen, he can.
1/20 c11 Encore19
Good twist. So, when Luke said he was a virgin, nope. No way I believe that someone alive for millions of years, who could do anything, never had sex. Why wouldn't he have sex? What could be the reason? Nothing could keep him celibate all that time, I assumed it was just an obvious lie to mess with Jessica. But now like, will Jessica only have those powers while the baby is inside her? Then she'll go back to being human. That'd be cool. And I think it'd make the most sense, but we'll see. I shouldn't have doubted you, there was an interesting reason after all.
1/20 c10 Encore19
Controversial. So. Something happened to Jessica. Unprecedented, and at the exact moment Luke was gonna snap her neck. Let's unpack and process. So before that happened, Jessica was just hopelessly naieve and imo she was being dumb, but that's her thing, she's a young eighteen year-old. What sounds most plausible to me, is perhaps Luke was feeling so emotional, and he secretly wanted connection so bad, that he GAVE more powers to Jessica subconsciously. And for the first time ever, whether the planets arranged the right way or his own brain chemicals on this day, he was able to transfer more powers to her. We will just have to see, but it's starting to feel like at this point, nothing is impossible and even Cameron may make a recovery.
1/20 c9 Encore19
So a newbie telepath was strong enough to "give it her best" and read and respond to thoughts of someone on the other side of the planet? That must mean all telepaths can do that and the limit is not 5 measly miles like first thought. But we won't really know if Luke is tricking her until we move along so let's see.
1/20 c8 Encore19
Oh dear dear dear. So Luke has completely given up the fa├žade which means he's off his rocker. If his true goal was to deceive Tyler it became very obvious that despite being an immortal, he had practically no patience for it. And now he's no longer fooling anyone. He's just running wild at this point and nobody can stop him.
1/20 c7 Encore19
So Luke r-worded Jessica. Man, what an absolute beast of a person. It's very believable how he is that way though. Like, anyone in his position would become a monster. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, after all. But yes this will get very yikesie if the whole story will turn into Jessica getting tormented and controlled beyond her will. I still don't believe Luke has any genuine feelings for her. I suppose she could demand he undo his mental blocks for her to "see for herself" via telepathy and if that happened she'd just find a whole lack of humanity I bet.
1/20 c6 Encore19
Does Luke like Jessica? Well, we know he is a conniving piece of work. So he could be trying to just break up their relationship. You know what would be shocking, if he was doing a much subtler thing than with Cameron and his brother, and tampering with her brain slightly to make her fall for him as well, to end the relationship. But who knows
1/20 c5 Encore19
What does "he" have that I don't? And not "she". Could Luke possibly be falling for Jess? I mean, if Melody had lots and lots of boy flings I bet Luke is the same. Though it seemed he was gay. Even so, mortal people have probably lost their appeal compared to a brand new immortal boy. At least I would think so. I'm glad Amy came back in and also appreciate all the little sciency parts when they come in, like robotic pets on top of the dead zone simulation world.
1/19 c4 Encore19
Could Luke want to be friends with Jessica? Six months have gone by and now he's showing her some of his darkness. Maybe he sees her innocence and has decided to act differently to what he did to Cameron and Padraig. But I suppose we'll see. Also wondering how Amy is taking Padraig's arrest.
1/18 c3 Encore19
Poor innocent Jessica is probably going to experience some horrible stuff this book. It was cute how she could hear all of Tyler's romantic thoughts.
1/18 c2 Encore19
Cool to see how telepathy is working. After this we just have the strongest skill, telekinesis. Also cool to see Jessica's perspective.
1/18 c1 Encore19
So Luke has really begun losing composure. His secret side revealed to Cameron, and then Padraig. But now in front of Tyler he is acting creepy and Tyler already didn't trust him. Is this gonna end up with Tyler becoming his telekinetic doll, trapped in a house and unable to leave ever? Cause stockholm syndrome breaking him down over decades could be a way to have his love too, suppose we'll just see what Luke decides to do

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