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3/22/2021 c1 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
The most striking part of this poem was the second and sixths stanzas, how they paint a compelling picture of the scene - "life at the top." And then go on to describe something fairly mundane - chlorine scent in a hotel lobby, paintings hung on walls by people without any taste, girls trying to impress boys. The structure of the poem kind of gives the feeling of climbing a staircase, or at least that was the imagery my brain came up with combined with the rest of the imagery - climbing on and on, everything the same. The narrator is living "life at the top" but she isn't satisfied with what she has, she wants more, more of what this guy (at first I read it as an ex, now I think it might be a hook-up or an affair?) can give her, but is too repressed to actually say so ("I'm not drunk enough to tell you any of this.") The title of the poem highlights the setting - modern, unsatisfying life, reduced to short biting complaints meant to sound witty.

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