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11/19 c43 Guest
Ah, yes the no shoes in the house thing. As a Canadian, I wholeheartedly agree. (As a Canadian, that's also why I know where Pateros is without having to Google)
10/17 c39 Guest
Just popping in here to say I'm still reading and still loving. Part of me hopes she does get to the Orchard just to see the shenanigans.
10/8 c36 emmaplodocus
As an Australian two days away from lockdown release, thank you for keeping my brain occupied.

It’s great to see another perspective of the pandemic, especially because our shit show is/was nowhere near as bad as the dumpster fire you’ve had the pleasure of living, and now recounting for us. So thank you!

Re: Jon & Colleen - their story would be awesome! Captain Tomblin has always mentioned how much of a dick young Simple was, so that would be awesome to see! Especially knowing where they end up!

Also, what happened to Gorsuch? Everyone else has been mentioned, for the most part, except that eternal bachelor…

Again, thank you for sharing.
10/4 c37 emmaplodocus
I’ve spent the last few days re-reading from OJ&J, and it’s nice to see the grown-ish grandkids as compared to the toddlers/gleams they are at the beginning of Wanting.
I’m loving seeing everyone, and I love epic lengths, so please keep it up!
If you need motivation, cheering or a sounding board, let me know!
9/18 c1 Guest


7/30 c29 sheila.bundy
Not getting emails when you post, but I found it! Nice seeing Jeff's view of 2020. Wait until he gets into the Delta variant. I don't see why the military hasn't made shots required-they sure required a lot of flu shots!
7/14 c28 sheila.bundy
I have always enjoyed Kim and "a completely ridiculous trope" never occurred to me-she's just Kim...
7/14 c27 Guest
Somehow I quit getting notifications of your posts, but I found out I was missing out. Catching up now!
6/21 c25 sheila.bundy
Please take good care of Kim's family and friends!
6/15 c24 Guest
Hope Reiko wakes up soon! Enjoy your writing, as always.
5/31 c22 chiroho
Jeff is definitely having a rough time with this, and unfortunately you and I both know it's only going to get worse for the poor guy. I have to wonder though exactly how some of this military bureaucracy works though because some of these groups definitely don't seem to be in the same chain of command, which must make liaising over things like COVID super tough - no matter what the rank, do I have to do what this guy says if they're out of my chain of command? Especially for organisations like where Jeff is because they're working with but not necessarily part of these other groups.

And yes, Jeff and Kim do have a REALLY messed up history. Definitely better left unexplored - and unexplained to someone who isn't in the know.

Thanks for writing.
5/30 c22 sheila.bundy
Be nice to Capt. Brett E. Crozier...and keep up the excellent writing! Thank you.
5/23 c21 chiroho
Oooo, new POV characters. Obviously Reiko isn't new to your fictional universe, but exciting to see something from her point of view. Have to say though that I have a feeling that her partying and everything that's going on isn't going to work out that well from a COVID standpoint. I guess we'll have to see.

Not having gone to college in the US, this is a very different scene for me. So I'll definitely have to take your word for how it plays out. My son is on the lacrosse team at a DII school, just finished his freshman year, but this was very different on the parties and hanging out standpoint. The lacrosse team were lucky if they were able to hang out with each other, let along anyone else. A very different college experience than in the past, though hopefully with vaccinations his sophomore year will be a little more normal.

Thanks as always for writing!
5/23 c21 sheila.bundy
A refreshingly different point of view! Thank you.
5/18 c20 5Willie Jackson
This is an interesting story you have going here. It's almost like a backdoor peak into what happened last year when everything went to hell with a fictional take on it. I like it. Even when you know how this story is going to play out, it's interesting seeing how your characters are handling the threat that ultimately shut the planet down through the spring last year. I'm riveted to see what your characters do to handle everything going forward.
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