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5/16 c1 6Dani Pielemeier
I felt this in my soul. I have so many games at the end of my fingertips but instead I replay Pokémon games over and over. This problem happens with books too. It’s super hard for me to get into books (which is why I prefer short stories) so I always end up rereading ones I know I enjoy. Another thing about stories and games is that when it’s too fast paced and there are too many cliffhangers, you can’t stop playing/reading and at the end you feel drained. I can’t feel satisfied after being so sucked into a book because although I love being finished and reflecting on the story, it truly is the journey that makes a story worthwhile.
4/11 c1 DWest
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1/6 c1 46Woedin
Truly finishing a good game, can be not unlike coming to the end of a enthralling book. When this happens to me, and I find myself yet pining for more. I'll look for other works by the same author, or failing this, maybe finding some new works from within that same genre, can fill the void. Truly your short poem, captures that, "aww, it's over?", Moment my friend. ~Nice~

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