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for Ballin' Pranksters Classics (Original Series) - Issue 1

1/7/2021 c2 CH3AHC4AFT
The world of the Ballin' Pranksters is an interesting place. A nice combination of the natural environment and technology. Something that hasn't been thought of before. I like how you described the first scene of the morning.

Oh...three pranksters pulling a prank on an Indian woman for destroying their leader's drone. I wonder if Susan is an actual horrible person.

That is a slick chase with those troublesome three and a savage robot. At the age of 14, I'm surprised of how they managed to survive and make these quick-thinking actions. But then again, this is a universe where almost anything is possible.

Poor Gregory getting dragged into this. I could already start thinking what he must be thinking: "Why do I hang around with those two girls?"

And Michelle is REALLY fiesty and fierce. Nearly a contrast to female protagonist who are normally sweet and careful. This one is like a boy who like to get into trouble and go to detention, up to 11!
1/7/2021 c1 1StarlitDuck
That was a pretty awesome first chapter! First off, I liked that it started in medias res. With this choice, it is very reminiscent of an episode from a superhero show, like the original Teen Titans. I am also really liking how you handled the action; it's quick and very imaginative. And the characters definitely have potential to be interesting. Seeing how we are just getting introduced to them, I can't say for certain whether or not I like them yet. However, I have no doubt that they will grow on me.

Overall, good job my friend :)
1/7/2021 c1 CH3AHC4AFT
This is probably a good start for 2021. Sometimes, I like stories with teenagers being rebels, mercenaries and vigilantes, but yet I never read one in my life. I think this one would be the one for me.

While we are stepping away from the fantasy/superhero genres, this is a nice change of pace. We are introduced to our three anti-heroes faced to face with their rival. A civil war between two parties.

I like how you wrote the first chapter. The first few parts are very descriptive. The highlight is how you wrote the sound of the footsteps. Aggressive? Nice! We even get to meet the Freudian Trio; the hyperactive and fun-loving Bubblegum, the cautious and somewhat 'voice of reason' Luther Crusoe (what pun does his name comes from) and the Mad Potion who meditates between the two.

We have the Balling Pranksters! This reminds me of Helluva Boss! Taken in the same world, but a different plot and more on personal issues and fights instead of superhero-level threats. From what I saw, this is going to be fun to read.

Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!
- Cheah
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