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for Forced Diversity In Film

1/31 c1 4Red Thrasher2000
Very well said, I love diversity, but hate painfully obvious forced diversity, big difference.
This stuff has been on my mind lately after that one incident involving Family Guy I heard about. I've also been watching a lot of old school shows and movies and I'm wondering why some act as though we've never had any strong female characters in the past and aren't very good at writing most them now without it being painfully obvious that they're trying to showoff an agenda, thankfully there's been a few exceptions. There are so many heroines I can name from the '60s to '90s that are way better than most today, including certain shows/movies with a diverse cast. I know not every show and movie had it, but that's okay. The thing I most look for in strong leads, be it man or woman is the "Show Don't Tell" technique, especially for the badass types of characters.

For example, some idiotic producer gender-bended a character from one of my favorite anime, knowing full well there would be controversy but did it anyway because he wanted to show that "we're in a new age with men and women working together". NO SHIT, Sherlock, where have you been for the last few decades? OK, I'm done ranting, this gave me a lot to think about and came out at a perfect time. For that I thank you, hope some of what I said made a little bit of sense because I'll admit, I'm very drunk now.

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