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for Roman and Julius

10/23 c25 19Sir Scott
That's a smart move.
~Sir Scott
10/17 c25 NightShade
Ooooof penny to the rescue! Glad to see you back friend
10/16 c24 Sir Scott
I hope everything works out for you. I know how tough it is to find inspiration. Good luck.
~Sir Scott
10/13 c24 Guest
Dude, congrats on your lead! bet it was tough to get. Crushes are tough, I would know, so I hope you can tell them. Trust me, it's better that way. Hope you're doing well otherwise!
10/10 c23 2Mina.Wilhelmina
I don't know if you're planning to continue this story or not, but I love it so far and I would definitely read the rest.
10/4 c23 19Sir Scott
Julius had almost figured it out.
~Sir Scott
9/27 c1 24The Youngest Mistress
Nice beginning. The principal reminds me of a principal I had in high school; he was willing to give fist pumps to students that came in in the morning.
Love the ending.
9/26 c23 5night9shade
Oh... sad :( Glad you updated, friend! Hope you're doing well!
9/26 c23 1naomibarnes
You’re back! Great chapter!
5/5 c22 19Sir Scott
That would be embarrassing and nice for Roman all at once for Julius to see him like that.
~Sir Scott
5/4 c22 5night9shade
lmaooooo that awkward moment when you catch your crush naked whilst being naked yourself XD XD
5/4 c21 night9shade
yay! you're back! I like this chapter
4/25 c20 19Sir Scott
It looks like Roman's father is trying to cock block him. I guess where there's a will, there's a way.
~Sir Scott
4/24 c20 5night9shade
Oooooooooooo i love the Penny side of this too, she's so supportive of Roman! But i haaaaaaate his parents so much, i really hope he can hang out with Julius more! They can't really keep him from hanging out with him during practice and at games, right?
4/24 c19 19Sir Scott
It seems like Julius had a roller coaster of emotions in these chapters. Now, if he can only find a way to hangout with Roman.
~Sir Scott
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