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for The Devil of Calhoun

1/27 c1 Guest
Where is the rest of this? Been checking back here and on Wattpad over and over and over again, and now there is even less than before! Please, please, please share this wonderful story with us!
12/1/2021 c1 Otakuami
I want more of this incensed woman trying to piss off her distant, cold politically married husband. I love it.
4/27/2021 c1 Guest
Hi i'm Shaeril McBrown

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4/23/2021 c1 Will Larimer
Bummer. This is far too unhappy for this old guy.
4/21/2021 c1 AF
FYI, I noticed several occasions on this story where one looks at the other's lips and I thought you should be aware that you might be putting off some of your readers. Seems to be a divisive topic- see the discussion at goodreads dot com/topic/show/1624304-it-s-all-in-the-kiss. The naysayers seem to be more put off by lip-staring than lip-glancing, so maybe you are safe (from what I recall from this story), but I would add that I myself find even lip glancing to be a bit odd and unromantic. Maybe I'm just the oddball though! And it's not stopping me from reading and enjoying this story! But I do have lower expectations for FictionPress stories compared to published works, so I don't know what I'd think if I came across it in a published piece. Anyway! Not so major, just thought that was an interesting discussion!
4/2/2021 c1 AF
I was visiting family and started reading this, and there went my quality family time! Totally hooked! Just as an FYI, I don't think FictionPress allows external links so the Wattpad link on your profile didn't work, so you might want to let people know to add wattpad dot com to the beginning, in case they don't figure it out. :)

Just a couple of comments I had for suggested edits!

1) In chapter 14 the character Kenna appears very suddenly with no introduction.

2) Chapter 7 has the sentence: "the attack had taken more out of her than she'd realized." And then chapter 8 has a very similar sentence: "the attack yesterday had taken much more out of her than she had realized."

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this story, and I'm very curious about Rhys' brother! Was he the one who Iona ran off with, and is that who Jenny's "son" is? How did they die? Can't wait to find out! :)
3/26/2021 c1 Guest
So excited to see something from you!

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