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for The City and the Tower

4/26 c4 5MA Frio
I've got a vague idea as to why the characters want to be a part of the Tower - to get a sense of equality, and to avoid being oppressed/marginalized. I think it would've helped to give the reader more information about the sociopolitical situation that drives the people to actually want to sew themselves into the Tower. There is social unrest, but what is causing the social unrest? And who exactly are the ones negatively affected by it? Why do the people want equality? Is there a social hierarchy that favours a certain class of people? There are also a lot of parts that hint at the media being a big and powerful influencer, especially with the focus on using technology and mobile devices in the beginning, and the reaction/feelings toward the television; and there's also a bit of talk on religion near the end, which adds to the focus on the cathedral but doesn't give a totally clear picture. It'd be nice for these things to be explored more. Lots of interesting themes patched together in this story.
4/26 c1 MA Frio
I really like the image of the giant. It makes me want to read the rest of the story. I'm not sure if "flesh giant" is the best thing to call it though, because what comes to mind is a giant made of flesh rather than a giant made of humans.

The writing is clean, with just a few typos and improvable word choices. With regard to the narrative, its pacing is done well but I'd personally put a bit more details, like a couple more facts about the girlfriend leaving. It would also be nice to get a glimpse of what the protagonist is thinking when everything is happening-when he felt a ripple of fear, what else was going on with him? What was going through his head? Just something that I think would make the reading experience more immersive, so we can see more of what's at stake when the chaos happens.

Overall this is written better than what I usually see online, so nice job.

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