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for Night Shadow Classics (Original Series) - Issue 9

7/3 c4 TGN
As the villains spend another day in prison, I can tell how awkward it was for Astryd/Nagini to converse with Alonzo. With the rest of the squad working to bust their way out, I snorted out a laugh as I found out about their technique. Ah, the metal spoons. Definitely better than plastic ones! After that, it's funny how they fell into Ketchup and Mustard's cell in an awkward situation. Tons of failure didn't get them off to a great start in their escape plan, and the succeeding therapy broke the camel's back when Madelyn went into a fury against the therapist. I was actually shocked that it transpired in such a violent, chaotic manner.

On the other side of the plot, it's nice to see Mason and Sydney enjoying their date together. Even with that, the memories of Mason's former friends still plague his mind. I can get why he's somewhat bittersweet. Although it felt like their bonds got broken given how they were under Technolocity's alliance, he doesn't wish them to suffer a cruel punishment now that they've been arrested. I'll be honest, I kept forgetting about this tidbit until it was brought up again, so I really wonder if Madelyn, Leo, and Harry will reunite with Mason but on a somewhat better term. Even though all of them are on the villains' side, and Felix is "gone" per se, I can see why Mason has a hard time grasping the whole thing. That's why Sydney's speech to remind him of his true friends was encouraging enough to look at this in a better light. :)

6/1 c3 TGN
"Go to f***ing therapy!" Ah yes, the daily routine.

In some cases, people may have their gripes when it comes to stuff like this. But how you wrote the therapy scene definitely had some funny moments when it comes to the group talking about their individual activities, especially when Mojo decided to shove pizza down someone's pants and questioned that they were some kind of animal. I love that kind of ironic humor.

During the second half... do I see some callouts to your fanfics? It took me a second for that to click in my mind! The fourth-wall breaks are all over the charts! I also get to see how the main plot begins to unfold as Techno and the others start to plan their escape.

It's also nice to see Mason and his group of friends for the B plot. I have a feeling that things will start to go well since they're not all geared up in their superhero forms, yet I'm not sure if something will loom or interrupt Mason and Sydney's time together. But hey, Mason seems like the kind of guy who won't let anything deter his plans. When all else fails, I'm sure he finds a way to make things special and right for everyone. :)

5/5 c2 TGN
Seeing the side of the villains is really interesting to see rather than having most of the plot points being more centered towards the protagonist(s). For Technolocity, you can feel the ire when it comes to teaming up with Titanium Rabbit only for him to cause things out of control. But he also expressed some kind of genuine regret for getting the others stuck in this scenario. And Sector Nine didn't make it any better for him as the band of evil entered a fortified prison that seems top-notch and heavily guarded. There was a great amount of detail to depict the setting and how Technolocity and the others were dealing with the consequences. Really ominous and really intense here!

4/4 c1 TGN
Ayo, I really like the premise of starting off with Technolocity's perspective, discussing his purpose and goals as a supervillain. To tie it up with the previous issue, I'm glad I understood where he was coming from regarding the positives and negatives of the outcome he endured, especially the latter.

He knew that Appleseed's intentions were not moral, for lack of a better term, as he nearly caused a wave of death against Night Shadow and his allies. To break his rules showed that while he may be considered evil, he was not the kind of villain to wish a horrible demise on his enemies. It's kinda like every other hero/villain matchup that I could think.

There's some kind of respect towards each other where neither side would be willing to back down from an intense encounter. And of course, there are rare occasions where the two sides would forget about their spiteful relationship and express their true colors, which is what NS and the others have done to save Techno from the collapsing building.

Now that he's off to prison following the conclusion of that adventure, I can only wonder what he has in store next after he broke off from his last scheme. It's somewhat inferred from the ending, but hearing it from his POV made it a lot more intriguing. Great start already!

11/11/2021 c9 Ways
Really nice ending here. It wraps everything up in a bow and I really appreciate that.
Learning a little more about Mason and Sydney's plans for the future really sets a goal for these characters that I can't help but appreciate. That idea of them hopefully getting that happy ending in the future is something I can't help but wish for for the both of them and I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes.
The Void League getting some much needed R&R and coming to understand one another more is also really good and I'm looking forward to how this will continue to effect their characters. It's nice to see them united in this way.
And as for Felix. Woo! It feels good to finally get that reveal! I am curious to say the least about this new family he's got and what life is like for him now. That was a great cliffhanger you left us on with him and I am greatly excited to see where that goes.

Nice work, man! Keep it up!
11/10/2021 c8 Ways
Great work here!
The derby was a ton of fun to read! The expansion and use of everyone's powers really made it a treat.
I also appreciate Technolocity coming to terms with things and became assured of both himself and his team. This has been a very whacky adventure but you really pulled it all together with that introspective moment and for that I gotta give you mad props, man.
And the ending got a good laugh out of me haha.

Keep it up!
11/4/2021 c7 Ways
Good work, man. This was a fun one.
To start with, the fallout of the breakout was nicely played. I'd say poor Candace but honestly she had it coming. I am looking forward to seeing how the police will respond now that everyone's broken out though. I also got a good laugh out of the fact that Marlon and Clementine aren't that much of a threat haha
Additionally, the scene between Alyssa and Steven here was really sweet and is definitely a favorite of mine out of the interactions you've written between them. Sure we've had the conversation about Billy a lot but there's a certain intimacy here that I can't help but appreciate here between them. I want good things for them and I kinda wish they'd seal the deal and become a thing. It's great and I really enjoyed reading them here.
As for Techno and the gang, as always I got a good laugh out of their antics and just watching them kinda stumble around through all of this right down to getting involved with the race/rally haha.
Great stuff here, man.
10/27/2021 c6 Guest
Great work here, I love a good prison break!
The best word to describe this chapter was fun. I love a good prison break and honestly the sheer amount of chaos here made it all the better!
There were a ton of great fights and I got a good kick out of them. Candace especially made for a nice sort of final boss for the prison and I loved that.
Good work. I look forward to more!
10/20/2021 c4 Ways
Nice work here.
Alonzo and Nagini were quite chilling together. I couldn't help but enjoy seeing where their conversation would go. That tension and the history was shown off very well.
Highlight definitely had to be the scene where the therapist said what she said and Madelyn exploded. It was very raw and I just wanted to see her succeed there. Get her ass, Maddie! Hahaha
But I also appreciate more of a look on Felix and I have the new theory that he is Gavroche but he did get the earth demon and is using it on his own but hasn't shown it off yet.
The ending was also fun and again, I just appreciate the very casual air.
Great stuff as always!
10/19/2021 c3 Ways
Great work.
I appreciate the therapy session and The Void League having a heart to heart about taking a break. It was nice and showed quite a bit of growth for them.
The monster truck stuff was also fun and I'm looking forward to how that's going to go down especially with the breakout.
But the ending with Night Shadow was a nice surprise since I wasn't entirely sure if he was gonna be in this issue or not. I like the casual aspect of it and just everything be chill there.
Just a lot of solid character writing all around here. Nice one.
10/19/2021 c2 Ways
Nice work.
There was a lot of unease here with the way that the prison was played throughout that I enjoyed quite a bit.
I'm looking forward to how this arc plays out.
10/15/2021 c1 Ways
I very much appreciate this more introspective look on Technolocity. It's really cool.
I really liked this sort of breakdown as to how he operates as a villain, adds a little more to his character.
Good choice all around to follow him after the previous chapter. Looking forward to more.
4/28/2021 c2 3JamestehWriter
Really good, and we'll worded. I only really have one thing regarding feedback, and it's the names and description of the characters. I didn't get a good grasp of what everyone looked like in a general sense, much less what their names were. One suggestion I think is to stick to either their personal names or villain names or even use nicknames. And when it comes to imagery related to their descriptions, go with something that's short and sweet. Like the one you used to describe one of the characters, as a "bird man". It's short, and gets to the point without being overly detailed. Other than that everything's spot on. I like the dialogue, and the humor. It's the right amount. Also the name of the "super prison" for supervillains being called Sector 9, just oozed 90s comic books. I love it.
4/26/2021 c1 JamestehWriter
I love the world you've set up, and the names and everything just feels SO Marvel/DC comics-ish.

I love it.

Immediately, as someone who hasn't read any of the previous issues, is filled with intrigue on some of these characters and the world they inhabit. So as far as hooks go, it's definitely a good one.
4/26/2021 c9 CH3AHC4AFT
So we got back with Mason and Sydney...and learning that the supervillains have broken out of Sector Nine. It was expected, but there was a moment of denial and disappointment as Mason laments not stopping them, wanting to go out to arrest the Void League. However, since they had a long day together, Mason shouldn't rush into battle without a proper plan. Poor him trying to make things right, but in the end, I have faith that things will go right for him for what he believes in the world.

The whole episode with Mason and Sydney talking to each other is really sweet. From talking about his concerns of the Void League, his memory of Felix and his worries about his ex-friends and criminals, Sydney is always there to help him. And looking at Sydney's abusive childhood, I think Mason was there for her. Now that is one happy relationship between the two and I love how you did it throughout the nine issues so far.

With the Void League taking a break and becoming loyal to each other again, we get one last surprise. We have Gavroche...or known as Felix! I'm surprised that he is actually the one behind the mask. I thought it would be someone else, but in fact, Melody is right about her suspicions!

And Felix is already with a new girl, the both of them trying to settle for a normal life like Mason and Sydney at the cinemas. Though, they have their own business with The Goldsmith and the Illusionary Legion. And who is this person they are going to look for help? A new superhero or ally? One of the Seattle Strikers or Bertram himself? We may never know.

This issue is really great as it shows the consequences the Void League would have to go through. Combine with realism, harshness, comedy and epic fights, this issue hit the top with the Void League's shenanigans with breaking out of a prison. And not far from it is Mason's and Sydney's date which perfectly illustrates their love to each other.

You're welcome for the title of the issue. I can see how this fits with the issue as both Night Shadow and Technolocity feel that they are so close to achieving what they want but to earn a complete achievement is so far away. Damn...

I can't wait to see more from Night Shadow and many other issues from your other series. I hope that Gavroche will make another return and possibly a new superhero.

Keep on rocking!
- Cheah
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