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10/31 c11 10Reiz16
I laughed when you wrote it was too early, LOL.

"That far? This late?' LOL.

I think it was nice of Charlie to volunteer to get Ted.

I like how you describe the town.

I haven't heard of the writers you just wrote about.

Good work!
10/24 c10 Reiz16
The karaoke place being mediocre made me laugh.

You described the dive well.

I found what Liam said about his only boyfriend amusing.

I like how Charlie can sing well. It goes good with his character.

LOL, Madonna.

Wow. I hope they find Ted.

Keep it up!
10/4 c147 4FlorieRy
I’m… I’m… I don’t know what I am, actually. I’m not sure what I’m feeling.
I’m a little sad that it’s over, as with any type of an ending, but I’m slightly reassured by the knowledge there will be more.
I really loved your writing style and all the different and colorful characters. I especially loved the deep connection of friendship between them and was very happy to see that years later, they’re all still a big and loving family.
Overall, I’m not disappointed about how their lives have turned out. I think it’s realistic and I wasn’t surprised by Charlie and Jess not being together, but I like that they’re also still very close.
I wish I knew the rest of what happened and what they do for a living, etc., but I guess I still might.
Wasn’t a fan of the whole Hidalgo part (especially the fact that he’s still exactly the same), but I guess that’s also realistic…
I found it hilarious the way early to mid thirties were described as old age… I really laughed at the whole getting old description and the last few parts with a perspective as if their whole lives have passed by and they’re wise eighty year olds who have lived through everything and now are looking back. There’s so much more to come.
It’s been one hell of a ride and it seems like the trip had been life changing for all of them.
Can’t wait for the prequel/sequel/spinoff… and congrats on finishing this piece!
9/18 c144 FlorieRy
Aww this one was unusually sentimental.
It’s nice to see how wonderfully normal Jess’ parents are, as well as her childhood and home. This uneventful stop is so good for them for a change, no trouble, no drama… Just nice.
I’ve always liked the bond between the three of them, so I’m always glad to see some more serious interactions.
There is a vibe of ending in the last couple of chapters and although I really want them to get to the better and more settled time of their lives, I’m also not ready for this to be over. I’ve grown so used to these characters, it’s going to be weird without them…
8/31 c9 10Reiz16
The chap was named properly! Like all your other chapters. This one takes the cake.

Poor Ted!

Now I'm wondering if the group is going to either the hospital o Urgent Care.
8/31 c8 Reiz16
"Can you not exploit people for one day?" LOL.

Wow. I didn't expect Charlie to be that good at guitar. Or Ted to freak out like that. LOL.

Charlie is my favorite character, so far. He can play, for a reason.
8/30 c7 Reiz16
I didn't expect Roy to make Charlie strip!

Most of the jokes I THINK you meant to make are funny. Violent, but funny.

It was surprising when Charlie took it all into strict so easily.
8/30 c6 Reiz16
I liked seeing CHARLIE of all people, LOL.

Interesting how Ted won't settle down.

It was nice to see Charlie play guitar. :)
8/30 c5 Reiz16
I find the peeing amusing.

Exciting bear attack.

I'm not saying Liam is dumb, but it was a dumb idea to even THINK of picing a close bear.

I laughed 3 times. :)
8/30 c4 Reiz16
I like the flirting going on between the characters.

It was interesting to hear them talk of past relationships.

I laughed 3 times.

How come they didn't light a fire?
8/29 c3 Reiz16
I chuckled like 4 times.

My favorite characters are Liam because he's handsome and Roy for his girlfriend.

I'm happy to review this story in this moment.
8/24 c136 4FlorieRy
Wow they just can’t get a break, can they?
I have a suggestion - why don’t they go live on a deserted island, that way they can’t get into dangerous situations with anyone?
In all seriousness though, that was so scary. It’s insane to me that people can just go about with guns tucked to their waistband. People like that having guns and going to clubs with them… that’s just looking for trouble.
I know Liam didn’t really do anything, but he also didn’t turn away from the situation, so I can understand Justin’s perspective. My heart went out for him.
8/18 c138 Guest
genital conversation was kinda transphobic ngl
8/3 c128 FlorieRy
Oh wow, Holly can’t stay on Jessie’s good side for 5 minutes… It actually made me laugh. It’s almost like she intentionally has opinions that annoy Jess.
I have to say, I think Holly’s sometimes too rude and her opinions are not very accepting, but I think Jess is also not very accepting of different opinions to hers. I would love to see some dialog or discussions between two people that disagree on some topic, instead of just canceling the other person and marking them with a big X.
It is difficult to like a person you constantly disagree with, but it is interesting to try and understand their perspective.
7/31 c127 FlorieRy
There isn’t always something to comment about the calmer chapters, as opposed to the eventful drama filled ones. But this one I actually found very important.
I loved the narration about social media, it was spot on.
I also loved Roy’s description of love and everything he said to Ted. It’s rare that I agree with Roy or even like his point of view, but this time I was very much aligned with him. Lovely.
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