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for Life of a Person - A Small Account

6/2 c1 1Upscaler
Thank you very much for your honest review and your thoughts on it. This essay wrote is, as you said, very typical (actually, my first description was A Typical Life of a Person), hence couldn't deepen my analogy on it. I'm planning to write on the simple yet vast definition of happiness. This was based on the life experienced by people of different ages and my own views.
6/1 c1 1jnight337
Your life from your perspective seems a little pointless. What is the meaning of happiness? I feel you could deepen your analogy of life by studying the works of Plato, the book of Ecclesiastes. I feel your story is to A typical. No I can relate I too look back over the years and wonder if my life impacted anyone. What do I do now? I ask? A phone call a week to ask my advice where is last year it was all days 5 days a week "Jeff what is your advice for this?" Do you believe that there is more? What about God? If he created us is our sole purpose our short life here on earth? I do hope so.
Thanks for your thoughts, I honestly have similar thoughts on life.

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