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for Pain

6/11/2021 c1 958Faithless Juliet
Hello, my love!

How wonderful to read your words once more, and thank you for reading my new stuff.

What a bitch, getting old is, am I right? There was definitely that since of regret in this piece. A sense of things undone or unsaid. I was really drawn to the cigarette imagery - the iconography of someone smoking is still so dangerous and rebellious, even though it's a very normal action. The action of NOT doing it read very striking to me. Almost like a punishment.

I'm very intrigued by that last line, too - leaning against the window, in the car alone. The sunset makes me think that something is ending, or will never be the same.

I do hope you're doing well. I know, for me, when I turn to poetry, I'm going through something and I need to process. Sending good vibes your way :)


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