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7/9 c1 8Mislav
Very creepy and intense story. The set-up was genuinely terrifying, with just the right amount of mystery. You captured the girl's fear so well. I especially liked the part where she was hiding up in a tree. I was genuinely scared for her. I didn't expect that woman to appear out on the street, or for her daughter to be dead. I guess we are left to believe that they killed the girl, either during a domestic dispute or during a hunting accident, and now they are cursed to abduct, hunt and kill other women if they want to get their eyesight back. Or maybe they are blind all the time? The last line was chilling. Keep up the great work. I will definitely read your other stories.
6/25 c1 7Daniel Affaro
I really enjoyed reading this. I like that even at the end it still keeps enough of the mystery hidden that it leaves you with questions. The atmosphere is established well and I was hooked from beginning to end.

If there was anything I'd have liked to see more of, it would have been sensory information - How did the attic smell, when she was climbing the tree, how did the bark feel under her hands? Things like that really help to put you in the situation and would have been a great addition.

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