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for The Right Stars

10/6 c1 8Mislav
Pretty fun and wholesome story. The beginning pulled me right in: "Cthulhu slept in dread R'lyeh, beyond death and dreaming as mortals knew them. As his mind drifted across the Dreamlands, a mighty thud impacted his transdimensional sanctuary. Still recovering from a ship to the gut, Cthulhu stirred before opening the hypergeometric portal to his realm. Outside, Cthulhu met the foe he never knew he had."

Just the mere thought of Cthulhu saving the world is both hilarious and intriguing. And the dolphin overlords strike again! I expected Cthulhu to die heroically at the end, but this was much better. LOL at Cthulhu plush toys... and Cthulhu leading the world to the Golden age. Keep up the great work. I always like reading your stories.
6/21 c1 2MV Kramer
The idea of Cthulhu saving the world makes me laugh. There's actually a tongue-in-cheek video game called "Cthulhu Saves the World", but I don't know what happens in it.
6/20 c1 104CitrusChickadee
Ha, the idea of an "evil" creature saving the world by complete accident is always a funny one.

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