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for Democracy's Downfall

7/4 c1 7Lorendiac
You may not know that some of the Founding Fathers of the USA - including men who later become President, such as George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison - went on record as feeling much the same way about the dangers of big political parties becoming permanent features of the political process. However, they later tended to discover that if they wanted to be elected to high office and get things done, it was very useful to have large factions (such as the Federalist Party or the Democratic Republican Party) lined up to support your campaign for President (or Governor of a state, or whatever you were running for). So one thing I'm not clear on, after reading your essay, is just how you think it would be done, in practical terms, to "eliminate" the two-party system. If large groups of people kept voting for certain persons who were "the preferred candidate of a large association," would it really matter if that group of people with common interests called themselves "a party" or "an association" or "a movement" or something else?

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