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8/1 c31 3AnonymousAce
This is an episode many would deem filler, though I do think it sets up some development for Akane. Her putting away her pride/ego to allow Reina to eventually help Haru is good growth for her character and gives interest to Akane rather than her just being the creepy, comic relief.
8/1 c26 AnonymousAce
Tyrant characters such as Miyako always intrigue me. It seems in this case, her motivation derives from a lack of thrill due to her life of royalty. It does make me wonder if she pulled a stunt similar to this before, threatening townspeople into doing something for her own entertainment?

We also can see more of Reina's powers, which is always a treat. It being emotion-based and all makes it unpredictable, which allows for some development and balancing. I would've loved a better depiction of what Reina turned into, though this criticism is a bit nitpicky since it didn't take away too much from the story.

Amazing episode as always! Hope you don't mind that it took me, like, an eternity to review this XD
8/1 c21 AnonymousAce
Wanted to revisit this story due to liking your writing style.

I remember really liking Emi, much more introverted, shy, and inexperienced compared to the rest of the group. It provides for a nice contrast character-wise.

I also like how she has her own share of talents (tracking) so that she isn't made 'useless'. It gives her a niche in the group that only she can fulfill.

Haru has nice character development here too. He is slowly becoming more responsible and 'brotherly', though I see he's still trying to achieve his goal of a harem. Overall, solid progression and pacing.
2/12 c1 17cud-b-better
Okay, I'm not liking the main character thus far. He seems to think that the world needs to revolve around him. Getting a harem isn't easy, yet he seems to feel it should be handed to him on a silver platter. And he runs away from the little girl just because she isn't a valid candidate for his harem. I'm seriously hoping he gets a cold taste of reality. If you want to win girls then work for it, don't just expect it. The little demon girl seems like a regular innocent child, I wish she had summoned someone a bit better, she deserves a better 'Big brother'

Anyway, only first chapter so not sure whether he will improve or not, nor which direction the story will go. Whilst the MC indeed made me cringe it is a solid first chapter that could go in any number of routes. Just to clarify, me hating a main character, is not the same thing as me hating a story. I need to make that clear (My hatred stems from his bad personality, not bad writing). You've got quite a few chapter out at time of writing, so I think I'll take my time with this one. Here's hoping MC will improve, I can see he isn't completely irredeemable, so I can hope.
12/23/2022 c77 3AnonymousAce
Happy Holidays to you too, Lucky! Thank you so much for posting such a remarkable story and for your continuous work and dedication to keeping us entertained. Please take as much time as you need in writing your story and promise you will not overwork yourself!
12/6/2022 c19 AnonymousAce

12/6/2022 c13 AnonymousAce
tbh, Haru, I think you dodged a bullet with Akane. Or nuclear bomb, for that matter.

On other notes, I’m really loving the story so far! Still behind, but catching up! I really love the humor, though I am kinda concerned for Reina.

(Also predicting the next person Haru’s interested in is either lesbian or aroace)
12/1/2022 c2 AnonymousAce
Kinda late to the party but enjoying it, nonetheless. I really enjoy the way you write and feel immersed in the scenery. Your ability to portray backgrounds is of great envy to me, and the story is enjoyable overall. I also admire your dedication to your story, and although I'm very far behind from where you are in the chapters, I'll probably binge-read it soon to get to that point.
7/4/2022 c12 3Dreaming Hearts
I don't blame Akane for walking out like that. lmao I probably would have done the same, though I also agree with Haru. What the absolute hell, indeed! lol He turned into a baby dragon!? Interesting... And now they have a pet baby dragon to take home, that's not gonna cause a stir among the townspeople. hahaha Oh boy... I'm dying to know what the king thinks of this, unless Akane keeps all of this hush hush. I doubt she would reveal anything about Reina's horns though.
7/4/2022 c11 Dreaming Hearts
Wait, I just thought of something. If Reina knows where the dragon is, can't she just use her magic to teleport and warn him in advance so that he knows to escape before Haru and Akane show up? (Reina did have magic before... right? Maybe I'm wrong)

Also, I'm surprised Akane didn't get angry at Haru for watching her like a peeping tom. Not gonna lie, I did not expect Reina to follow in his bag, but it makes sense tho that she'd be worried about Kyrian. I'm curious how their encounter will go... If Kyrian really a dragon or can he shapeshift into a person? That would be pretty cool if it were possible. I wonder if she will lead them to the right cave... I have my doubts... lol
7/4/2022 c10 Dreaming Hearts
Akane. It's such a pretty name. Reminds me of the girl from Ranma, and their personality isn't too different. Stubborn. lol xD I can tell she's going to be a bit of a challenge for Haru for sure, but I just hope she doesn't cause any issues with Reina. I wonder if Akane is a love interest? That could be interesting!

As for the King, I would have thought he'd have summoned Haru the moment he arrived in this world, especially with their worries surrounding the dragon, which doesn't seem to be that much of a threat if it's been laying low all this time.
7/4/2022 c9 Dreaming Hearts
Oh boy... this can only end badly for the dragon. If only they hadn't been overheard by those guards, but I wonder why the king wants to speak with him and so suddenly?
7/4/2022 c8 Dreaming Hearts
Aww that was a cute story Reina came up with. Haru needs to get better at storytelling. xD
5/2/2022 c44 1thedemoninyourcloset
duuudeee I love this story so much
like actually. I feel like this would be a plot of an actual anime, and honestly, I'd fund it.
I like your writing style, and all the characters! They're just so /fun/
Can't wait for the next chapter :))
5/2/2022 c13 thedemoninyourcloset
A. akane. what. are you. I. i don't. i dont think that's... morally.. okay. Or legally. uh. I. what.
I genuinely hope Haru's greatly misreading the situation, but... well, I don't think that's the case.
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