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12/21/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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7/1/2021 c1 30Aviantei
Okay I think you’re the last summer review I have to take care of (for now) so maybe I’ll get back to winter ones? Idk. But for now, your review!

There’s a lot of character relationships going on here, but I feel like I know the general vibe. Do I know all the intricacies? No, but I can vaguely see what these characters are about, and that’s a lot to establish in such a short space. Well done.

While this is a silly argument from the outside, it’s things like this that can stick around. Will understand this and wants to play peacemaker, but he also understands his own siblings enough to know trying to get them to talk it out won’t be the best option. Instead, he gives them something to work together on, and that helps resolve the issue. Well played, good sir.

I wouldn’t mind seeing these folks again if you choose to write for them. You’re also on par for where you were last summer. Just one more to reach that goal, yeah? I believe you can do it.

Now I should stop procrastinating on folding my laundry,
6/27/2021 c1 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
This is pretty cute! He is using some hardcore psychological warfare their, manipulating the enemies into getting along with each other, by getting them to attack him.

Interesting thought with them being "almost adults" - Will thinks Josh and Erin should be more mature because of their current age, but in my experience, that age group tends to be the most fiercely protective about things they loved in their childhood. So with that in mind, it makes more sense for Erin to be so mad about Josh "betraying" Eminem - (ironic to use the word "stan" in reference to him, BTW) - she's doing that thing where she's just a bit reluctant to let her childhood go, so she's diving into the nostalgia. At least, that was how I interpreted it.
6/27/2021 c1 101CitrusChickadee
Aww, a nice little ridiculous yet cute story. Sibling shenanigans are always fun to read, and I love how overdramatic the scenario for the argument was, haha.

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