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11/7 c23 MyMaskIsGrowingHeavy
Hi! I just read this whole story today and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved it! I couldn't stop reading! I was so shocked when I read your author's notes about how nobody was reviewing, and could not believe when I saw this story only had two reviews! It is wild, there are so many stories on here that have thousands of reviews and are just... not very good... but then something amazing like this gets almost no attention. Makes no sense to me!

So, I wanted to let you know I think this story is super unique and I loved how it unfolded. I am in my 20s so don't usually read stories where the main characters are teenagers because it makes me feel like a weirdo adult reading something that is not meant for me haha, but this one hooked me right away! The characters are interesting and mature, the plot stayed believable even when magic got mixed in, and I even cared about what happened with all the side characters like her sisters and Laurie. Love love loved this story and I think you are an extremely talented writer. I am happy to see you'll continue writing on other websites.

Also, I kept thinking throughout the last half of the story, I think this would make an AMAZING movie. The plot is so intriguing and each of the three tales were fascinating. The way you describe everything is wonderful and I wish I could see how it all looks in your imagination. Anyway, EXCELLENT story, thank you so much for sharing it and for completing on this website or I never would have gotten the chance to read it. You are great!
8/26 c2 yangy
It's a very interesting dream. I even think it's true. She read a book and enter into the book.
8/26 c1 yangy
I really like your story. I can feel the emotions of the heroine. She is lack of confidence, but kind and thirsty of knowledge. You writing style and ways of description are brilliant. I would say your sentences and words are so beautiful and concise. You depict exactly a girl with a love secret vividly. I coundn't help fall for you words.

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