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7/1/2021 c1 5TamariMizu
Hi D.B.R.

Very nice one-shot tale. I was reminded of the androids from Spielberg's A.I. film, and Alice from Detroit: Become Human. I also saw a echo of sorts of Gmork from The Neverending Story in Xandin. It is truly a terrifying prospect to be stuck as an unaging machine. Part of the most tragic themes from Detroit especially was that the android's masters would either get bored of them or perish leaving them without a role or purpose.

I liked Lia a lot as a relatable character. My only quibble would be that Penny was amazingly calm for being thrust into that traumatic situation. I assumed that she might have been in denial that this unimaginable experience was real. I lot of people in life or death situation describe it as 'like being in a movie'.

Keep writing and good storycrafting!

7/1/2021 c1 2MV Kramer
This was an amazing story. I'm so happy Lia could resist temptation, became human, and made her peace with Penelope.

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