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for The Adventures of Andi

9/3 c7 19Sir Scott
It's good to have a way to sort out life. You make an interesting point about hippies making lousy parents. They make lousy leaders too.
~Sir Scott
8/8 c6 Sir Scott
This is a nice version of how Humanimals came to be.
~Sir Scott
8/4 c5 Sir Scott
That would a horrible dream for a Humanimal. Her tasks sort of reminds me of the Labors of Hercules.
~Sir Scott
8/1 c4 Sir Scott
I never paid attention to Scooby Doo's ears before. Perhaps, it did help Andi's dad.
~Sir Scott
7/23 c3 Sir Scott
Good background information on this chapter.
~Sir Scott
7/19 c2 Sir Scott
Good history. It explains a lot for the reader. Now, I can see why a black cat is considered unlucky to cross your path.
~Sir Scott
7/17 c1 Sir Scott
Pretty good amount of history in this chapter. It was interesting to see how the film affected the humanimals.
~Sir Scott

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