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for Animation Halation Episode 1: A New Adventure

8/13 c2 Amethyst
Hmm... I will say, that's an interesting theory. ARGH I WANT IT TO BE REAL NOW. And, I'd want to be able to dimension hop myself. I swear, I'd go visit every fictional world I end up creating. GASP, would that include adaptations of a video game series? Because I would go to the Eight Lands.

One thing I will have to say, is that this chapter has a lot of info dumping. This is a keep-in-mind-for-future, but info dumping is typically not something that's encouraged. There are other ways to show things, or things can trigger memories. A good idea would've been to have Lanky visit Marvin's lab (if he still has access to it). That could've made him remember the incident itself, then maybe get upset with 'Why did I ever support such a ridiculous theory? There can't be other dimensions... that's just absurd.' Delivering info without breaking pace or getting into a 'telling' chair is definitely a challenge. The collage section could've been implemented in through Lanky considering his future; where to go now. Maybe then he could've gone to see his father's lab, triggering the remembrance.

I really did like the backstory, it's cool as heck. Well, the theory is. The incident stunk (for Lanky. It's a good backstory!).

Darn it... now I really want Marvin's theory to be real... and then have someone invent a way to get there... I'd use it to visit the Eight Lands. But I already said that. I wonder if you can control the year? Hmmmmmmmmmm... I considering this too much, lol.
8/13 c1 Amethyst
This was a good start! I like the introduction of Lanky, and how you handled mentioning his green hair, with those rude preteen boys. It doesn't disrupt the story, and it fits. It also gives a bit of insight on how the rest of town viewed Marvin, and Lanky on extension.

My impression of Lanky thus far is that he's a little grouchy. I didn't get to see too much of his character, but the story's just begun. I do get the impression that maybe he wasn't too happy with everything his father did, but he loved him (hence why he defended him). He's upset about his death, especially judging by how it took TWO YEARS to get the funeral organized.

(Whoops, sorry about how long this took. I got a bit sidetracked with other things)

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