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8/16 c1 7Mislav
Pretty creepy and interesting short story. It kept me guessing until the end. You captured Otis' character, especially his frustrations, very well. I especially liked this part: "It was a typical day for Otis. He would wake up to go to work at the crack of dawn, deal with stupid bullshit, and head back home. And as usual, when he wanted to punch a hole through the wall, he would play his music slightly louder than usual. It wasn't his choice; it was just instinct. More often than not, he just wanted to kill something. The useless sacks of shit at his work gave him a headache."

It definitely surprised me when David died. The description of that was very gruesome and unsettling: "David also turned his head around to look at the source of the sound but gurgled as his hands shot up to his neck. Otis stared in horror as David twirled around with fear reflecting from the inner depths of his soul. Watching the dance of pain was all he could do as David's eyes shrieked with utter terror from the welcoming arms of death itself.

He could see it all. He could see every single second David struggling to stay alive, holding onto the thin sliver of hope that he could survive. The continually weakening gargles escaping David's throat winded down into whispers before deafening silence overtook the scenery, leaving only music from the tires of cars to produce any sounds."

Good note about nobody else noticing the accident or stopping to help David? I wonder did he die due to internal bleeding/injuries, or was there something supernatural going on. Were the eyes in the woods not the eyes of a deer, but of some kind of demon, or a Grim Reaper? Still, I like the interpretation that it was a simple, but brutal accident, that finally pushed Otis over the edge. I also like how the story didn't end with Otis committing suicide, just heavily implying that he would. It keeps you guessing: he probably did kill himself, but what if he didn't? And if he didn't tonight, will he eventually? Keep up the great work. I always like reading your stories.

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