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for Flyswatter

9/1/2021 c1 9Mislav
Very interesting and intense story. You really made me feel sympathy for the protagonist. I liked how you described by detailing the fates of his friends and family members at the beginning: "Growing up outside the nearby Blue Zone, Umberto Martinez lost his share of friends to 'bug splat' drone strikes. The first, Dan, built a potato cannon in the field outside his uncle's house, only to be blown up by a drone he never saw. The second, Regina, drew unwanted attention with her fireworks and model rockets. The third, Marcus, drew the ire of unseen authorities for running a free clinic. His uncle Armando went down in a blaze of glory, defending his cache of old books with a shotgun, blasting them out of the sky until they overwhelmed him. All of them were craters in the fields around the repurposed suburb he and his family lived in."

Just the thought of living in daily fear of unexpected execution is horrifying. Nice detail with the acrid smell in the air. I especially liked how Umberto took out the mercenaries while they were walking away from the Blue Zone following the massacre. It makes sense that the elites would hand out defense to the outside party. The last line was badass: "It was time for him to splatter some bugs with his flyswatter." Keep up the great work. I always like reading your stories.

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