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3/6/2022 c24 13Sir Scott
That was a touching story. I'm glad that Sam wrote the stories for Bessie.
~Sir Scott
3/4/2022 c24 aviick
Well its hard to say goodbye to these wonderful characters and to the exciting story that has been told. I think you ended it well and with a bit to help the reader see what became of them. I also really enjoyed the humor you used in this story.
3/4/2022 c23 aviick
Wow, that was a pretty cool chapter and quite descriptive. There is a bit of a softening of the villain for the reader but that is what good story tellers often do.
3/4/2022 c22 aviick
The idea of a wraith is interesting here. But by bringing the characters together in this manner what will happen exactly? I cannot guess at the direction but I'm glad to come along for the ride!
3/4/2022 c21 aviick
As I read about what is happening to these characters it dawns on me that you are bringing this story to a close and are able to bring a lot of quick events together to illustrate the progression. I liked the attention to some of the details (her green gown and blue eyes) to draw in the reader's vision of things. Short but nice!
2/20/2022 c23 Sir Scott
Interesting, few chapters. It was amazing how Felecia exorcised the demon.
~Sir Scott
2/11/2022 c20 aviick
This was another fine example of you being on a creative high and having a good pace in the story form. It was short but there was quite a lot of good endings, mid-storylines, and transitions here! I have to say the chapter was actually impressive! And yes, to read about Mizzer pre-invasion really brings the other stories a whole new level of understanding. Good stuff!
2/11/2022 c19 Guest
That was a funny and smart use of an acronym. It feels as if you were really on a swing when you wrote these recent chapters, as there is much more energy behind it. There is also some whimsical turns that feel newer in your story-telling. I'm really appreciating your efforts here!
2/11/2022 c18 aviick
Okay.. So as I mentioned, let's clarify The Exorcist part. I love that Ghost made a misstatement about the Ouija board (its actually an artifact from Egypt that starts the story off), but what great grace is it that you already mentioned to the reader that Ghost's memory is not intact, followed by that next few lines. Made perfect sense! Then, further delving into the cult element here is fun too. I would not agree that cults are run by hippies (more like communes) but that is a frequent enough misnomer that its just part of culture. LOL. Write-on!
2/11/2022 c17 aviick
I like the direction you are taking this storyline. Kind of stacking or building up layers of information not only about the core characters but also those who would make up the place you have imagined and created. It kind of makes me recall that there are so many variations of persons/personalities/characters out there and thus makes me realize there can be so much more to the story than the obvious and expands my thinking about how worldly the world you write about can be. Thats a good thing!
2/11/2022 c16 aviick
Well these are certainly interesting elements for a new character. An entity without corporal form that has limited memory (suggests a sense of time that may be quite extended or possibly that of what might occur once physical form and 'essence' separate). I'm very excited to see where this intriguing part of the story goes.
2/4/2022 c15 aviick
This chapter was very lively and had some real emotion behind it. A longer chapter that really felt and read like it was guided by intent. I really enjoy seeing this sort of chapter from you because there's an ability to connect to the relationship being depicted and a sense of dynamic that will likely be ironed out over time (or so we can hope). Plus, this mystery being introduced at the end... good way to segway!
2/4/2022 c14 aviick
An exciting, full of action type of chapter. I appreciate how you took the time to include descriptions about skeletal features, or general features here, as it helps a visual person see this come to life. It reminds me of the importance of not only having an understanding of your characters but also being able to define them as part of the creative process. Like with artists who draw, its important for them to take the time to learn the most relevant skeletal features and surface muscles of anatomy so as to highlight them when rendering the form. As a writer, it must be a bit of a challenge to add these types of elements enough (but not too much) to give the reader some 'sense' of things. It worked well here!
1/29/2022 c20 Sir Scott
I feel sorry for John Dewclaw. That would be humiliating.
~Sir Scott
1/22/2022 c19 Sir Scott
That was an interesting chapter. I kinda feel sorry for John-Meriweather now.
~Sir Scott
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