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1/14/2022 c13 aviick
This was a pretty solid chapter. I like, again, the way you can take a reference and make it your own unique element. Here, the Cosmic Dragon and John-Meriwether and his followers are an unexpected encounter at this stage and one that will have a lasting echo in the narrative. I look forward to not only learning of the outcome to the battle in the story but also the 'slant' it may bring.
1/14/2022 c12 aviick
I like how you continue to build up the settings for this and your other stories by taking the time to describe or outline the environment and potential characters/creatures that may be encountered along the way. I imagine there are two avenues for plot development; one being the possibility of a later encounter with a Wandering Howler or if we are gaining more insight into the characters' thinking/feelings. If either, or both, it really brings some insight into these characters.
1/14/2022 c11 aviick
Short but sweet! An interesting transition from what I recall from the last chapter (its been a minute) but I do have to say I am enjoying the added descriptive language here. Also, I appreciate the earlier reference to the naming of characters!
1/8/2022 c18 12Sir Scott
It's even creepier that the Professor is in a turtle body.
~Sir Scott
1/1/2022 c17 Sir Scott
It was interesting to read who the spirit was. I wonder what the ghosts are being punished for.
~Sir Scott
12/17/2021 c10 aviick
That was an interesting chapter. I like how John Dewclaw comes off as a good cop and as attentive to Felicia and Sam while also staying alert and doing his job. How were Sam and Felicia feeling at this point? But I'm sure we will learn more as we continue along.
12/17/2021 c9 aviick
I appreciate the details of this chapter, especially regarding Sam and how he would not get whiplash because of his lack of skeletal structure. Of course, it brings to the mind of the reader some horrifying events from the real world where others have not been so 'lucky'.
12/17/2021 c8 aviick
Sometimes reading your story chapters is like reading a comic book as you give another perspective as you pace things along. It's pretty cool because you get to encounter various new characters who can easily sink back into the building background.
12/17/2021 c7 aviick
Since it has been a while, it may take me a minute to wrap myself back up in this particular story. But the chapter is telling and runs with familiar themes so I know the story will be good.
12/12/2021 c15 Sir Scott
I look forward to reading what the Ancient Days' Voice has to say.
~Sir Scott
12/4/2021 c14 Sir Scott
That was a pretty intense action scene. I was wondering she would drink the blood. I'm glad she didn't.
~Sir Scott
11/20/2021 c13 Sir Scott
That is a very good origin myth. The old tortoise may be insane, but he is very clever.
~Sir Scott
11/2/2021 c11 Sir Scott
Cool chapter. It sounds like Ms. Barfield's home would be a fun place for a kid.
~Sir Scott
10/27/2021 c10 Sir Scott
Interesting update. John seems pretty smart and he seems to believe them.
~Sir Scott
10/23/2021 c9 Sir Scott
It would be cool if some of the cops were pigs.
~Sir Scott
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