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11/7 c28 smartgirl35
awww, that has been such a joy to read! The whole story is so wonderful, well done girl! u r very talented and I think u should write something abt camilla cz the part is still a bit cryptic to me, idk abt others. But its ur wish! if u feel like it, do it and remember, write cz YOU want to and not for others :). its ur choice, always!
however, the story plot was wonderful! I am so happy Pepper feels belonged now... and she is having a baby! thats so great! i think u should also make a chap on their baby? idk, lol just an idea!
P.S. it was a pleasure to review! and thank YOU for this wondrous story! Congrats on ur first story!
11/7 c27 smartgirl35
aw, that was so great unlike typical mama's boy! Like they ALWAYS have to do what their mom say, be it right or wrong, and tbh i hate these kinda boys. So great job on this one!
11/7 c28 Guest
I really enjoyed this story and I'm sad to see it end.
Wow, that's a packed epilogue!
Yes, definitely interested in reading more about Camilla. Guessing that would let us see at least glimpses of Michael and Pepper too. :)
11/7 c27 Guest
I sure was hoping there was a misunderstanding or at least more to the story. SO GLAD that Michael was persistent and showed up to explain. Great ending to the chapter. Maybe standing up to his parents will be enough for Vance and Tilly to realize that if they don't want to lose their kids that they need to back off and let them be adults.
11/7 c26 Guest
Pepper HAS to open her bakery! She just has to! And Tana's artwork sounds perfect for it.
Uh oh, unhappy Tilly. NOT good!
And Michael and Pepper - still absolutely loving them together.
11/7 c26 smartgirl35
ah, the tension is so... unnerving
11/7 c25 smartgirl35
aw, poor camilla! :(
11/6 c25 Guest
Poor Camilla! I honestly don't know why her parents have a problem - she's in her 30s! Glad she has Michael and Pepper. Thinking maybe she and Jordan just need to move. Michael and Pepper - so cute! Love them!
11/6 c24 smartgirl35
yes! a husband's support is all that a girl need! Its everyone's dream to get someone like him! Hope I get someone like him xD. i know i wont- still, xD
11/5 c24 Guest
Oh, forgot to mention - part where Pepper is holding Luciana is cute. Wonder if Michael saw her. :)
11/5 c24 Guest
The negativity makes me quirmy, so the beginning wasn't my favorite, but then ...just like that, I ended up liking the chapter after all. :)
11/2 c23 Guest
Glad she got to spend time with her other peoples.
Ah, the feels. First he is tired and vulnerable, but then love how he can be light and teasing, but then serious and compassionate when appropriate. Let's just say that in this chapter (to quote Pepper), "Ugh, I loved him. I loved him so much."
10/31 c22 smartgirl35
great one! keep it up
10/29 c22 Guest
So sweet that he remembered that she wanted carpet and then did something about it. Loving the progression of their relationship.
10/28 c21 1Zoe Adler
This story is AWESOME and I love it.
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