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for Damocles

12/10/2021 c1 9Mislav
This was an interesting short story that made me think. Interesting idea about self-contained optical sail spacecraft, and second-hand markets for space crafts (that can, in turn, be used for evil). Scary to think that terrorism would still exist so far into the future, despite all the advancements, and space-wide no less. Good idea about militias patrolling the Solar system for possible terrorists. I liked how you explained it: "The relativistic impactors could theoretically annihilate Earth. Those most informed and able to stop such attacks conversely wanted that technical knowledge made available, unlike the Earth-bound authoritarian dinosaurs. Like other dangerous devices or disruptive technologies, they believed an educated public was the best defense." The last line was badass: "Together, we prevent the fall of that Sword of Damocles." Keep up the great work. I always like reading your stories.

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