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9/12/2021 c1 21Alienboy411676
I too have had the thought that if a hostile race wanted to wipe us out, a virus would be the only thing that makes sense. Movies like Independence Day and War of the Worlds always seemed so ridiculous to me. We, ourselves, have the technology and knowledge to engineer extinction level viruses. If an extraterrestrial race wanted us gone they would only need to send one ship. Hell, a prove. Introduce the virus to our atmosphere, and we would never know what hit us. That being said, I also however do no believe there is any reason whatsoever for an extraterrestrial race to WANT to harm us. First, there is nothing, literally nothing, on this planet they couldnt find on a million others. There are countless billions of planets out there with all the resources any and all civilizations could ever need. And the whole "enslaving us" trope is just as ridiculous. How many jobs just in the last century have been made obsolete by technology? Why would an interstellar-capable civilization, thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of us...need a bunch of humans to work for them? Finally, the simple fact that we are still here now and havent already been wiped out long ago is frankly all the proof anyone should need.

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