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3/4/2022 c21 1TheDuelistGal
I can't even begin to express how much I've enjoyed this story so far, but I'll do my best.

You have a very clear and concise writing style, along with a very strong narrative voice. The characters are well thought out, and I absolutely love the constant sense of forward motion that always has me eagerly awaiting what will happen next. Nothing has felt rushed so far, either, so I applaud your story pacing.

There are a handful of spelling errors here and there, but they didn't bother me, simply because I was so immersed. I know this is just the first draft of the story, so I expect as much, and I'm certain you'll be able to fix them all in due time. (I know how rough it can be, rereading your own story over and over again to edit it, so, if ever you feel like you're just skimming over things, it's very helpful to have someone else read it over, too!)

I'm looking forward to reading more, when you update this again. And I wish you all the best! I don't think my words could do justice to how enthralled I've felt while reading this, so allow me to finish this off by thanking you for sharing this story with us! It's been a pleasure!
9/26/2021 c4 Sarah Tucker
I now ship Cancus. I can’t, I just love them so much! I will be the first in line at the book store if this gets published!
9/23/2021 c4 Maya
When I first began to read this, I didn't have high expectations. I was quite surprised to find that not only do I adore every character and the connections they have with each other, but also how wonderfully written it is. It takes the zodiacs we know and writes them into a fascinating universe, filled with gods, danger, and magic. I can't wait to see where this story will go!

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