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for Death's Head: A Light in the Darkness

9/16 c3 Ashley
I find it baffling that he is able to run at the speed of light with both of them and then magically stop where the safe house is even though he's never been there. I'll suspend disbelief for now, though, haha.
9/16 c2 Guest
I'm low-key horrified that Dr. Lewis will be detained and forced to see a psychiatrist. There is nothing criminally wrong with being "incorrect" or speaking things out loud that don't seem to match reality. Unfortunately, your story seems to very much match the way police investigations would proceed in real life. I applaud your realism but hope poor Dr. Lewis will be freed soon. And hopefully the file the handsome guy produced is fabricated and won't stand up to scrutiny, or Dr. Lewis may be stuck for a while...
9/16 c1 Ashley
I like it so far. I'm wondering why his brain hasn't melted from the heat yet, but I'm sure all mysteries will be revealed. :p

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