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10/22 c7 2Folding Turtles
Ok, so the dealio with Amanda is despicable and inexcusable, but in some respects, in life, it doesn't make sense to try to force a relationship (friendship or romantic or otherwise) that doesn't work out because the two counterparties are after different things. I'm not going to say that what Amanda did is right, by any means, especially because abandoning someone whom you think needs help is just about the absolutely WORST thing that you could do to someone in an already distressed situation, but I will say that since the beginning, I had a feeling that Sophie and Amanda would drift apart because they have different priorities.

The suggestion that Gallagher made to Sophie about pouring more emotion into her art reminded me of this quote from THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, Ursula K. LeGuin: "The artist deals with what cannot be said in words. The artist whose medium is fiction does this IN WORDS. The novelist says in words what cannot be said in words." Fantastic book, by the way. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.

Oof. Sophie took an L in Algebra. But doing really well in Art. This reminds me... I had a very good friend who was actually very smart and also an astounding artist who the school decided to stick into some math class senior year to try to tip the average on the state exams a couple points in their favor, but this friend really didn't want to have anything to do with that math class and school's selfish "save thyself" mentality, so what happened? My friend found a way to drop that class before the exams at winter semester due to "failing grades" that were ACTUALLY orchestrated by downright deliberate shirking (a student's equivalent of going on union-strike) and switch into another art class instead. [*Cue Lady Gaga's "Applause"*] Takes some real dedication and panache to pull off a stunt like that and celebrate it afterwards.
10/22 c8 24The Youngest Mistress
My god... Again, I don't think Amanda would have been useful to Sophie. If anything, I think Amanda could use help like Sophie.
I don't know where to begin with Riley. She really is a shallow bitch. It is a good idea that Sophie called the police; Riley did NOT need to be at that party.
I did notice a few hiccups: 'Me and him' should be 'He and I'; 'The sirens are getting closed' - 'closed' should be 'closer'.
10/16 c7 The Youngest Mistress
I feel for Sophie. Being left behind, whether you're a good person or not, blows. Glad she's got Jocelyn! I didn't think Amanda would help Sophie in anyway. Poor Mr. Gallagher... Glad he said why he was upset.
Amanda sucks.
10/10 c6 The Youngest Mistress
I personally never was into the whole idea of getting with a bad boy. Why would those girls want to get with a bad boy? Realistically, a bad boy could rob you, stab you, rape you, get you pregnant and leave you behind you, or terminate you like Ted Bundy and not get caught at all.
Also, what's up Mr. Gallagher? I hope things get better for him.
10/5 c5 The Youngest Mistress
Those brownies do sound really good. I liked Mr. Gallagher in this one. He's like Ms. Honey in a way.
Cutting yourself is awful. It becomes even worse if you damage a very vital part of your wrist. I seriously think Sophie should take a self-defense course. That way should Creepy-McCreeper ass comes around, Sophie can flip him like that.
10/4 c4 The Youngest Mistress
Again, I hope Riley steps on a damned lego or someone's dog pisses on her legs.
I just love Halloween. There's nothing better than chowing on Halloween-themed junk while watching mystery shows.
Haha! I can relate to Sophie's report card. I used to have 100s in art class, and I probably had few B's and C's in math; ah, high school, good times-not so good times.
10/2 c3 The Youngest Mistress
Honestly, I hate women like Riley and other girls Sophie met. Bitches like them need feet in their mouths. Julia reminds me of Janis from 'Mean Girls'. Hehe. I feel Sophie's pain, I once got hit on the head with a basketball and no one asked if I was okay. The end is chilling. I wonder who that dude is.
9/27 c2 The Youngest Mistress
2017? Ah! That's the year that I graduated from high school!
Mrs. Lucas reminds me a lot of Ms. Gruwell from the movie, 'The Freedom Writers'; have you seen it? It's awesome! I feel like if Sophie really wanted to say what was on her mind to Riley, she ought to write it down and maybe send it to Riley. Mr. Gallagher is kooky; I like him! Oh, I think you misnamed Mr. Gallagher as Mr. Freeman.
9/26 c1 The Youngest Mistress
I see.
Haha! Some of my material has cuss-words too!
I shall carry on!
9/24 c3 2Folding Turtles

So many OMG moments. (1) The "popular kid" clubs at my high school were also NHS and the Drama Club - OI! the DRAMA that happened inside the Drama Club... (2) My high school mascot was also the tiger. (3) RE: Julia. I also knew someone who carried around a sketchbook everywhere - art was LIFE for that person - a really inspiring friend, actually, even if only for one semester until the inevitable GRADUATION and I was left to tough it out for the next three years (I was a freshman at the time) until my own GRADUATION. (4) Also got shoved to the floor before - painful experience - thankfully, not down three rows of bleachers, just from standing height - the physical equivalent of those pesky microaggressions, eh?

My predictions: Sophie's trauma from that party was either (a) getting / almost getting raped by the guy she sees at the end of this chapter; or (b) seeing him rape / try to rape someone else. I'm leaning a bit more towards option (a) though. And...Amanda's gonna end up being a backstabber.

RE: "nap rays". IDK if you've ever read THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE, but there's a kindred phrase in there called "sleep glue," referring to the feeling of your eyelids being stuck together right after you wake up from a LONG and RESTFUL sleep. Both phrases are **SO** applicable. XD
9/15 c2 Kuja88
9/15 c2 Folding Turtles
Wait, omg, is this going to be one those epistolary/journaling novels that take place over the whole school year? :0 [P.S. I have a story like that going on, too. :) ]

Something you might want to consider is putting the links to the characters in your intro/preface A/N on your profile instead of as text inside a chapter, because readers can't copy-paste anything, and the links aren't hyperlinked, but profiles let you copy-paste/hyperlink. ;)

LOL when I read the bit about getting stuck in the middle of history class. Happened every year when I was in school. The worst was probably AP World History - teacher spent one month going over Prehistory (only tested like 6% or something like that) and didn't get to anything post-1950s, which was several terrifyingly LONG chapters in the textbook, and which was tested way more heavily than Prehistory. -_-

Hm... I can relate to the whole feeling of seeing the weirdest things in Art class. Had an art teacher once who displayed a sculpture he'd made - it was a demon giving everyone who walked in the front door the finger, right in their faces. What a classic.

Prediction: the butterfly is going to end up being symbolic. Sophie's gonna get (metaphorically) smothered in a cocoon (i.e. emotional trauma) and then transform into a butterfly (i.e. individual expression) and may or may not end up with Zack.

Update soon!

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