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for Stone Against The Sea

10/9 c7 2MV Kramer
Interesting notes. Do you mind if I use your information on weapons as research for The Bottom of the World? There are going to be several sea battles in it, and I want to make sure they're accurate.
10/9 c6 MV Kramer
That was an excellent way to end the story: Toka being back on his home island, freeing his own people, surrounded by his friends. This whole story was very enjoyable. I have to think up a Goodreads review, and as soon as I do, I'll leave it for you.
10/9 c5 MV Kramer
Wow, so time has been reversed, and now Toka is back on the Harbinger. I thought the death of everyone on the Harbinger seemed kind of sudden. I enjoyed the reality-bending island, and I'm interested in learning more about the Firstborn. They reminded me of the Reptites from "Chrono Trigger".
10/7 c4 MV Kramer
Wow, what an action-packed chapter. I'm glad they foiled Ishimura's plans. The All-Mother sounds like a Lovecraftian monster. I hope nobody wakens her.

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