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for Bleached Bones

1/5 c1 49Woedin
"Alas poor Yapacana, I knew him well Horatio. A well-traveled eater of ants was he, R.I.P. old Bird." We can often come upon so much on our journey through life, both the pleasant as well as the macabre. Yet imagine how many times something profound gets missed altogether from mere haste to what's around us. I thank you for pausing to glance in that moment, and for the thoughtful words that frame this poetic portrait.
10/19/2021 c1 MagicalPhoenix12
A great poem.
I've once seen a bird saying, and perhaps, someday, it'd have ended up just like you said.
YOu know your poem has something more than just words- they are able to create a feeling, and that I guess, is the mark of all good and great poets,

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