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for Ballin' Pranksters Classics (Original Series) - Issue 3

11/13/2021 c4 CH3AHC4AFT
Eartha: 'It's your birthday! It's your birthday! It's not really my birthday, but that's just something people say when they're happy!'

I love that quote. It is going well for Earth who is starting to get a huge number of views. And she will be getting a promotion. However, there is something concerning. When Wilfred asks if she will become the 'J. Jonah Jameson to their Spider-Man', Eartha reassures him that she will be fairer. Hmm. We'll what will happen.

I think I can relate with Dakota. I got my own episodes with searching the things I needed or trying to get out of a webpage that would contain a virus. It is still shaky with Dakota's and Michelle's parents arguing, so we can only hope that the problem will defuse sooner.

Meanwhile, the group plan for their next move. They know have some doubt that Charlotte may not be the one who stole the diary. Now, we are going to be breaking in! I know that it would be illegal to break into school, but sometimes, I like to see a makeshift heist! This will be exciting!

Poor Dakota getting shot in the face...with a paintball. All he wanted was to talk to Michelle, but was interrupted due to the Ballin' Pranksters needing to make their move.
11/12/2021 c3 CH3AHC4AFT
‘Two worst classes’: Maths and Music. I can’t argue with that given what is going on.

It is funny to think of how many cringing maths memes there are. I think I like the "Dear Math, please stop asking me to find your X and don't ask Y." joke though. It gets so hard and boring that even the teacher fell asleep!

Charlotte, she ain’t doing well, mate. She keeps saying ‘Greggie-Poo’ and that only makes Gregory very nervous. But Gregory is able to tell Charlotte off for her flirting towards him. I think it is now confirmed to be an obsession.

The Music class is pretty funny though poor kids. It is up to eleven when they all started commenting on the script and then that ‘alien’ kid started talking strange! Oh dear. One thing that caught my attention is that Mack and Jasmine actually have a bonding moment. So, it seems that with this huge cast, we will get to see a lot in this series. I like it! And they must have did a good job singing together as they confessed their feelings to each other. Sweet!

I think Skidmore is my least favourite character. I can’t believe that she is still working as a principal or else she might be caught if a school inspector or parent founds out about how she treats her students. Hell, she is like death to them and doesn’t care about the children’s well-being that much. I think of strangling her if I would because she is all ‘it'll stop you from complaining about your problems any further’ and while she has a point that Michelle has been harsh, it is just more on how this principals use her word choice and her attitude towards them.
11/12/2021 c2 CH3AHC4AFT
So here, we arrive back to Michelle. Because we know about her parents arguing and her conflict with Charlotte being one of the main problems, I feel that we get to see more of her worries and insecurities. One thing I like to point out is that the falling of her family. While it is not too brutal or outright violent, it can distressing to a child and often make them feel defenseless or the ones who should be blamed. And during these types of things, with the fear of their parents being divorced, the child would be afraid that it would be their fault and don't want their family to be split apart. Thankfully, Klaus reassures Michelle that he is not going to call for a divorce. While we do not know for now if it will happen, but we are given indications that this may or may not go well for Michelle's family.

Michelle's flashback to when she was younger is similar to both Gregory's and Vanessa's. It shows that Charlotte used to be a loyal friend to Michelle no matter what (and a good cause for butt munchers, lol). It turns to being a tearjerker moment when Michelle remembers back to Charlotte being uptight and mean towards her. Her thoughts about that aren't bitter or in hatred, but more of a saddened 'what happened to the good old days'. It just shows that even though the two are now enemies and Michelle may be in her rights to cut ties with Charlotte for now, Charlotte was still a friend and cutting ties with even a bad friend can leave you pretty conflicted. Only time will tell on how this will lead to.

Dakota. You are on the right track. It is actually wise for him to call for a therapy session for both of his parents.

Eartha's news about the Ballin' Pranksters is actually a nice highlight for her for her job and she even got a rose! Though, I hope that this wouldn't become a big obsession for her to spy on the trio. And I like that end of the footage where Eartha was trying to interview a tired man who act like he is drunk.
11/11/2021 c1 CH3AHC4AFT
Alright! So we are back with the squad and actually see what they do when they get back home. Gregory is of course still fizzling in adrenaline after his first ever fight against criminals! That makes sense since he has to calm down. And his sister actually being awake and not noticing his superhero suit well makes things hilarious.

The flashback is really interesting. So, it turns out that Gregory and Charlotte actually have romance between them. However, how I see it, because of what happened, it might have turned into an obsession for Charlotte which is why she is trying to smother Gregory. I am not sure if she is faking it, but she DOES keep bothering Gregory several times.

Vanessa remembering about a good time when there is a banter between her and Charlotte gives us an insight that Charlotte isn't exactly a very bad person from the start. She used to be friendly and it makes things tragic to see how she became towards Michelle and Vanessa. And like Gregory, she has a sort of conscience that makes her wonder what they did that makes things bad between them and Charlotte.

On top of that, would Michelle have a flashback of her own and even think what caused the falling out? Does she have some doubt about Charlotte and if Michelle is wrong or not? What would Vanessa and Gregory say about this if they choose to bring it up to Michelle?
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