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4/11 c16 13J.Kuzzey
Well this was a journey to say the least. As readers we could've guessed that eventually the two of them would end up here (or at least, we hope so), but I never could've guessed all the twists and turns it took for them to reach this point. Overall I feel like you did a good job peeling back the layers on Dylan and Beth, and making it feel like they were peeling back the layers themselves as we explored their relationship from the beginning to here. Feel like I got to know them pretty well over this trilogy. It sounds odd but I'm happy that they're happy; I'm glad that there's a happy ending for the two of them because it feels like they deserve it.
You've written a lot in the short time you've been on this site so if you take a break that's understandable, but I hope to see more of your work in the future. It's been a joy to read.
4/8 c15 J.Kuzzey
Given Dylan's messy situation with his horrendous ex I can understand that he'd be doubly cautious around having more kids. Considering it seems as though he's been somewhat insecure around the tempo of their relationship this entire time, too, his reaction makes sense and is in line with his character. From where these two started to where they are now, they've had to really push and pull each other outside of their comfort zones, but they've done it respectfully so that's always nice to see. And of course having kids is such a massive responsibility to compared to moving in together or buying a house; your entire life is dedicated to that child from then on (if they're good parents which obviously Dylan is and Beth is already showing that she would be with how she's taken to the kiddos). But seeing Dylan frame the concerns in a way where he's reminding her how much she'll sacrifice or "miss out on" once she has a kid definitely shows his concerns due to his ex. I think Beth did a great job being upfront about how she feels about the direction she's taken her life and I'm sure that definitely eased Dylan's concerns. It's nice to see that Beth has come this far and Dylan has been a great catalyst for her development.
4/2 c14 J.Kuzzey
Finally arriving at Dani and Ian's wedding feels like the last turn in a long journey. To think this entire piece started waaaay back with those two and their ups and downs. It's great to see the culmination of that while tying it in nicely with Beth and Dylan's story. Beth appears to be less insecure (? can't think of a better word) about the details of her relationship with Dylan. Before she fretted more about what people might think; its clear she's 100% in and the rest of the world's opinion isn't as important as what she has with Dylan.
3/13 c13 J.Kuzzey
Whew well at least Beth's first interaction with Dylan's parents went really good. Seems like she clicked well with his mom and dad. A good first impression. His parents seem likable. Hopefully we will see more interactions with them in the future. Beth's mom on the other hand, jeez that would be a bit shocking to find out your mom went and got remarried suddenly. Like Beth said it's not that affects her life in anyway, its just the suddenness of it all. I can imagine feeling blindsided. Looking forward to when Dylan meets her in person. The mingling with in laws can always be a testy and tense situation or very easygoing.
3/8 c12 J.Kuzzey
Beth having those feelings is understandable. Stepping into a home that's already been built and finding your place can feel like being an "addition" or "imposter." It makes sense she hadn't quite anticipated those feelings, so they came to almost overwhelm her and the other stuff, such as the kids, wasn't a real issue at all. Dylan did a good job being supportive and understanding. It was nice to see how they can rely on each other and be open about those kinds of feelings. Maybe moving will alleviate some of Beth's insecurities.
2/27 c11 J.Kuzzey
Dylan really showed his dedication, going all the way there impromptu like that. The jet lag must've been brutal considering it was such a quick trip. It's becoming clear that Beth is part of the family now, and it's nice to see how she's happy to be with all of them and not just Dylan.
2/22 c10 J.Kuzzey
Stephanie definitely comes across as incredibly unlikable, wow. Almost pure Saturday morning cartoon villain, calling Beth "scum" amongst other things. Jealousy? But not about Beth being with Dylan, just Dylan being with anyone at all. That's how it came across. There's obviously a lot of damage there with that family. It was nice to see how far Beth and Ella have come in their relationship. Gone are the days of Ella ignoring her completely, now she sees Beth as part of the family. That's a big step, especially as we see how terrible her relationship is with her mom. The scene with Beth at the BBQ was well done, definitely felt like we were in her shoes. It's never fun being the new person, especially when it's a whole new scene, too, but it was good to see how nice everyone is.
2/14 c9 J.Kuzzey
It's good to see that Ella feels comfortable going to Beth for important stuff. It could be that Beth felt like her only option but it still takes a level of trust to be able to go to an adult for things when you're a teen. Beth did a good job giving advice and listening. Sometimes when you're a teen all you want is someone who won't be judgemental. Time for Dylan to realize that his daughter isn't a baby anymore. I think his reaction was fairly realistic and Beth did a good job navigating that in a fruitful way. I'm glad that Beth has decided to be open and honest with her family and telling them about her relationship, that's a big step.
(I had to sign out to leave a review because I already left one. Apparently FictionPress won't let me leave two...)
2/13 c9 J.Kuzzey
I'm going to assume you uploaded the wrong document lol because I feel like I read this already in a different story.
2/8 c8 J.Kuzzey
Everything about this chapter was so sweet. Beth gifting the kitten may not have gone according to plan but it's clear how much she cares. I think her and Dylan handled that well all things considered; a simple bit of open and honest communication can go a long way. Her and Greyson have become so close, it's touching to see. We can see the progress being made as she becomes part of the family.
2/6 c7 J.Kuzzey
I had to work with a Jennifer that was almost exactly like the one here, haha. Jennifer (here) is definitely comes across as petty, wow. When she called Dylan " an irresistably delicious treat" I was like, damn she's shallow, too! Of course Beth wasn't have any of that and was straight up. I give Beth credit for maintaining her cool during that conversation; unfortunately as adults we have to find ways to navigate conversations like that without losing our minds in the moment. It was sweet that Dylan was aware something was bothering her and got her to open up without prying too hard. Just the same it was good that Beth opened up to him and let out all of the negative emotions that had been building up. Those are the moments that matter.
2/5 c6 J.Kuzzey
Wow there is a whole lot to unpack in this chapter. At first I was wondering what she was doing openly flirting with Andrew like that, because it was getting close to being in a gray area where saying it was for networking would be pushing it. I see her reasoning for it, although it's unfortunate everything had to escalate so much and so fast. Definitely both at fault on that one. But it's good that they communicated and were honest about everything. There's still a lot of healing Beth needs to move on from her abusive ex-boyfriend (move on might not be the best term; she has moved on many respects but the damage from the relationship remains).
1/29 c5 J.Kuzzey
The Fifty Shades references made me laugh. I think this chapter as I good balance of steaminess, sexual intimacy, and non-sexual intimacy. Leading from the light BDSM scene (light as in the BDSM was light/vanilla, the scene itself was sexy) to the conversation in the hot tub felt very natural, as though that were the things should progress between the two of them at this point in their relationship. Like Beth says, she's always been very comfortable with him and open to sharing, and she really deep dived into a lot personal stuff that illustrates the reasoning behind some of her life choices. I'm glad that Dylan can be such a positive person in her life. There's a lot there that she shares, but it ties in nicely with the scene beforehand, and sheds light on why she's had trouble giving up control in the bedroom. It's good that Dylan is someone she trusts completely, because trust is definitely a huge part of any kind of relationship, and it makes exploring stuff like BDSM and stepping out of your comfort zone possible.
The spoiler alert...
1/27 c4 J.Kuzzey
Overall this was a sweet chapter. Of course when you're a teen it can be hard to open up, accept change, especially when you've been hurt like Ella has. And she's struggling with the same stuff all teens go through. I think Beth did a good job navigating the process and building a good foundation for a great relationship. It was nice to see Ella open up to her. Her concerns are valid and Beth responded to those concerns with honesty. Hopefully things continue to improve for them. It all felt very natural.
1/25 c3 J.Kuzzey
I really felt the atmosphere in the beginning there, when they were first introduced. I could see the expression of the kids clearly, like I was viewing the entire room, so that was well done. Beth does a good job dealing with Ella, who is a typical teenager, as to be expected. Of course she's acting like it's not a big deal but I can only imagine all the thoughts running around in her head. Greyson being more chatty made the disinterest (or at least feigned disinterest) by Ella more pronounced.
Way back, many words ago, when Ian and Beth first met I never would have expected him to say such complimentary words about her, but it is a good measure of how much time has passed and how long they've all known each other. That trio has been through a lot. Danielle telling Dylan her thoughts on the matter, not at all surprising.
Was admittedly a little uncomfortable with that conversation between Dylan and Beth about her ex's name. It's rare but names can be triggers for abuse victims, so passive aggressively goading her into saying it was not my thing. I don't think he intended to come across as a dick, but he definitely did.
As a side note, I didn't know what the diplodocus was because I know nothing about dinosaurs so I had to look it up. Learn something new everyday!
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