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4/8 c5 aviick
I'm not familiar with the reference; however, I like to set up in this chapter as it makes me wonder what series of events will follow as a result of one person's decision. There is always a bit of thread involved, and when one pulls at the string, who knows what will happen on the other side.
4/1 c4 aviick
I totally like the direction you are taking this story in! I was just thinking about carnivals not that long ago and some of the symbology involved in carnivals and traveling circuses. There is a lot of potential to this turn of events! Looking forward to reading on!
4/1 c3 aviick
That is an interesting concept regarding aesthetics. Is the question of function going to be an underlying theme in your story as well? You sometime strike this question of the power of the more mundane, which is something that I personally enjoy. I hope to see this more!
4/1 c2 aviick
And off to the races we go! Although a short chapter, this sort of segment is a highlight of your style in that it sort of tears at the mundane and introduces to danger or the journey ahead. This time it surprised me how quickly you came to it but that's okay as this is part of a series on Mizzer and so better to hit the ground running than to delay any longer!
4/1 c1 aviick
Well from first sight it struck me as a different start than some of the other stories I have read from you; however, as is true to form with you, you provide a lot of details about the settings the storyline might take place in. Its good to see you venture into a new character plot and to build upon the Mizzer element. I would be curious to see how far or how big you can take all of it!
3/26 c2 18Sir Scott
I remember the milk cartons with kids' pictures on them. You don't even see those kind of milk cartons now. I don't know if they were successful or not. Too bad Gray Wulf couldn't talk.
~Sir Scott

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