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5/27 c1 6Darth Zannacross
Hey there Mizu, just figured I'd see how this tale you got about Xaver looks so here we go.

Damn this does seem as tragic as some of the Steven King or other kind of horror stories so far, to say Xaiver drew the short side of the stick or something would be a understatement.

Well, thanks to fate and maybe some one in higher..or lower places throwing the two a bone he reunites with his niece under tense circumstances, lets see what goes from here but quite the nice start man.
5/11 c1 46D. M. Robb
This is an intense beginning and a nice tie-in to Silver Sorceress. I feel so bad for the Succubus girl. What a horrible way to die! Your vivid description of the "display case" of corpses will probably give me nightmares. :o)

I'm wondering if "Uncle Xavier" was inspired by the Xavier from the X-Men, a man in a wheelchair who was a mentor to "mutants." The reunion between him and Adette in her demoness form was heartwarming.

You are off to a good start here. I look forward to seeing where this story goes.

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